Side Effects of
Making Your Own Dog Food

Afraid of taking the plunge? I was too! But making your own dog food is so rewarding it will change your life as well as your dog's. Here's what drove me to do it and the side effects my dogs had.

9-year-old Helen giving me a kiss back in back in the day. Was she thanking me for getting rid of the kibble and making her dog food? I'd like to think so.

I was so afraid I'd mess things up. Back in 2007 I didn't know anyone who made their own dog food or served a raw species appropriate diet. When I told a few friends what I was thinking, they looked at me like I was a nut case.

No one approved so I stopped talking about it.

I read 4 books on feeding raw (and cooking) but I was still hesitant even though the health of my  5 dogs was going down the toilet.

What Does Dog Health
Going Down the Toilet Look Like?

Itching, scratching, fleas, lumps and bumps, pimples, gooey eyes, bad breath, dirty teeth, ear infections, eye infections, gas, arthritis, bladder infections, crystals, kidney stones, pancreatitis, leaky gut, tumors . . .

Now maybe you and I have experienced some of the same things. My 'kids' had the first 12 on the list.

I didn't even know how much food affected my dogs until after I made the change.

Look Out!
There's Side Effects When Making Your Own Dog Food

What changes did I notice?

No more...itching, scratching, lumps and bumps, pimples, gooey eyes, bad breath, dirty teeth, ear infections, eye infections, gas or arthritis.

And I hadn't realized my dogs were low energy and (I think) depressed.

The most marked change was Helen in the picture with me.

On kibble she was slow and stiff when she got up in the morning. It looked painful.Some folks think that's normal for a nine-year-old but turns out that's wrong.


I started making jokes about putting her back on junk food because the crazy dog wouldn't slow down. She seemed enthusiastic to get up in the morning, thrilled to go outside and at dinnertime - Holy smokes!

Like a dog on a racetrack, 80 pound Helen ran a big circle using all the free space in the living room and kitchen.

Because of her speed, when she got to the kitchen, she created her own form of drifting. Her legs stopped running as she slid six or seven feet nearly crashing into the back door.

Then there was the scramble of feet to help her change direction. (Think of Scoobie Doo scrambling.) Once the turn was made she headed back to the living room for another round ...and then another.

Benefits for You

  • Poop no longer bothers you. It's small and doesn't smell
  • For the first time you will KNOW what your dog is really eating

  • You will feel empowered (because you are!)
  • You will have a sense of pride and accomplishment for taking the responsibility of your dog's health.
  • You may even eat healthier after seeing the change in your dog

Tips on Making Your Own

Remember variety is the spice of life. Meats, organs, bones, offal, eggs and small fish gives your pooch an array of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria, amino acids and those lovely, healthy raw fats.

To either compare or begin if you're a newbie, visit my  Raw Dog Food Recipes page.

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