Miss Emilee

by Dee Grenstad
(Enumclaw, WA)

Miss Emilee was a Miniature Schnauzer who we put to sleep a year
ago yesterday, August 2, 2012. We knew it was time. She was a
princess of a girl, not quite wanting to associate with other
dogs but remaining polite nonetheless. She traveled with us
everywhere in our motorhome; never having been left to anyone else for care because we knew she would be heartbroken being left behind.

She developed Pancreatitis when she was seven and Diabetes when she was eight. She had to have two shots per day and be on a strict diet. She didn't like the shots but she knew they were to help her and she always received a little bite of kibble after her shot. She
was hospitalized a lot the last two years and even though she was
only ten, we knew the time had come to relieve her of her pain.

Our pain was just beginning. We had her cremated and she is still
a part of our household with her pictures in every room. We look
forward to the Rainbow Bridge to meet Emilee again as well as other
pets that were in our household. So far, we have not been able to
replace Emilee. No dog will measure up yet, but some day we'll
add a new addition to our family. Wonderful memories of Miss Em
linger on....

* * * * * * * * *
Dear Lee,

It's obvious you did your very best with Emilee, loved her dearly and appreciated the time you shared together. I know it's impossible to replace any family member but I hope when you're ready you'll find a wonderful dog to love that is nothing at all like your sweet Em, but wonderful in his or her own way.


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Aug 04, 2013
Response to Ms Lee
by: Roxanne Cheney

We too had a puppy, our 9 year old Bichon, Max. Like you we traveled in a motor home, with Max always by ourside. Although we left him for a few hours with friends, or by himself with friends to peek in on him, we never left him in a kennel or boarding place, as we knew his heart would be broken. Like your little puppy, he was sick. He was diagnosed with Valley Fever in 2006, and almost died. Pain was extremely severe; but miraculously he recovered. We then had to give him daily medications to keep the Valley Fever at Bay. Ultimately, the medications did him in; his liver started failing. The day we decided there was no hope, was the saddest day in our lives. Poor Max, he couldn't understand why we were crying, and sat close to us to give us comfort. Yes, that was our Max; always thinking of us. That was Dec 1, 2012. I miss him as if it were yesterday. I can relate to your situation. Lots of hugs and prayers for comfort. Roxanne

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