Mommy to Simba

by Joyce Lane
(Terrell, TX USA)

I fell in love the first time I saw him. He was so little, cute and sweet. He just couldn't wait to be King, so Simba was the perfect name for him. The first time he kissed me I new it would be a long love affair.

The smartest little guy I've ever met, this little Toy Yorkie, my Simba really and totally understood me. He was such a good puppy. I always said Simba could do no wrong. Even if he did something bad it was okay because it was Simba. Simba, his daddy Fred and I had a wonderful life together. Simba was our baby, our love and the most important member of our house.

Sadly in March of 2013 Simba wasn't doing well. We had moved and I thought Simba was depressed because he missed his big cousins, a Rottie named Lip and a Boxer named Boomer. Simba was the only canine in the house for the first time in many years. After a week of Simba hardly eating and rejecting his favorite treats and having lost weight, I took him to see his vet, Dr. Karen Williams. Simba was diagnosed with Diabetes, Cushing's Disease and an enlarged heart. Simba was in the hospital for 5 days, not doing too well.

On Monday evening March 25th Dr. Williams called and told me Simba was having a lot of trouble breathing and she thought it would be best to end his misery. On Tuesday, March 26th, my birthday, with broken hearts Fred and I went to visit with Simba at the vet hospital. I had brought Simba's favorite treats, figuring he could have all he wanted. We walked in with very heavy hearts and were escorted to an examining room. Dr. Williams came in with a smile on her face, which I thought strange given the reason we were there. She said Simba's breathing distress had cleared itself and she felt he would do well at home if I could inject him with insulin twice daily! Of course I would do anything to keep our baby with us. Dr. Williams said Simba had a lot going against him but we could probably get another 2 years with Simba.

One year, exactly to the day, Simba refused to eat the whole day, which meant no insulin. He was very weak and totally uninterested in any food I tried to get him to eat. That was on Friday, March 21st. I took him to an emergency vet and they cared for him overnight. Saturday morning I picked Simba up and took him to Dr. Williams. On Sunday there was a very slight improvement and we decided to see how he did the rest of the day. Monday morning I received the dreaded call that Simba had back tracked and was not doing well, since it was discovered that he had developed pancreatic cancer. Not wanting my precious baby boy to suffer, I notified my son.

When my husband Fred and I arrived at the vet's office, my son Lee and his wife Samara were there to comfort me. At 1 p.m. March 24, 2014 I released Simba from any suffering and I told him before he went that I would meet him at the Rainbow Bridge and we would cross together to have each other for eternity. Simba I love you more than words can say.

~ ~ ~

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for sharing. There's no doubt in my mind that Simba knows how much you love him and he'll see ya there.


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