More Rainbow Bridge Stories from 2012

by Andrea
(Three Little Pitties)

Wendy Tate's Springer Spaniel

Wendy Tate's Springer Spaniel "Sam"

Our Beautiful Springer Spaniel

by Wendy Tate
(Wellingborough, Northants)

Sam was such a vibrant happy dog who loved nothing more than a long walk especially if there was an abandoned bottle to chew on and some water to splash in. We lost Sam to Nasal Cancer and Liver failure and after reading the Rainbow Bridge I was moved to write this tribute to our beloved boy missed so much by us all.


Some may say why all the fuss
After all he was just a dog

But Sam, to us was so much more
Our loyal companion, and our friend.
Our protector until the very end.

Our lovely boy tail always wagging
tongue hanging out like he was smiling.
Always there to greet us at the door
But sadly he can greet us no more

The time had come to say goodbye
And in our house there wasn't a dry eye
For our beloved Sam it was time to go
To a peaceful place, in pain no more.

A big hole has been left where Sam used to be.
In time we'll remember happy memories.
But at the moment there is just sadness and pain
For a loyal friend we won't see again.

Kneff is at Rainbow Bridge with...

by Laura

Our black lab mix, Kneff (Neff) was diagnosed with diabetes at age 4. He required twice daily injections of insulin and endured the constant testing we had to do inside his ears to get enough blood to check his levels.

My husband & I kept him alive for four more years while he lived with this disease.

My husband loved him SO much. When Kneff died my husband was devastated. We waited a few months and adopted another dog we named McGyver. McGyver was 8 months old.

Then, unexpectedly, my husband died on March 17, 2012.

I hope and pray that my husband met Kneff on the RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!

* * *

Dear Laura,

I was completely shocked to read your husband died. It's not what I expected to read at the Rainbow Bridge page at all.

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I want to tell you I have no doubt Kneff was waiting for him at Rainbow Bridge.

Souls that are connected stay that way. My heart goes out to you and McGyver.


Buffy and Her Belly Rub!

by Sandra
(Ohio )

Every night I gave her a little belly rub, calling out Belly, Belly, Belly.

She knew exactly what I was talking about and would quickly come to me on my bed and roll over with all four in the air.

Eventually, she would not go to sleep until I had given her her little rub, and she would sit at the bottom of the bed waiting until I got there to do it!

I would stoke her paws too, and talk to her as I did it. Belly, Belly, Belly, little paw, little paw.... She loved it!

I miss her horribly, but know another dog needs some love out there.

* * *

And so do you Sandra. There is nothing like the love and companionship our dogs do give us. Thank you for sharing.


Maggie Mae, Billie Bob and Little Frank

by Barbara J. Gupton
(Wilmington, NC)

These 3 wonderful friends have come into my life since 1996. I saw the connection between each of them and to their "Dad" (owner).

I was their mother, birth coach, healer.

I sat for 2 days when the little runt of Maggie Mae's litter slowly died as I tried a heating pad and baby bottle to keep it alive.

I watched and listened to 6 more of Maggies puppies cry and die one by one from unknown sources. We managed to save just two. John Boy and Billie Bob, lived good lives, always going to work with "Dad" or to the office to protect the ladies working there.

Maggie was the first of my experience and she was extremely smart. She drove the truck and decided who entered the truck of Swanson Enterprises.

Now her granddaughter lies beside her under a beautiful pine tree with azaleas in 8' graves lovingly cared for.

Frankie was the first gift I got in a new relationship, and she made it longer than the relationship did.

Billie Bob fought cancer but lost his battle. They all have name plaques and some day, someone is going to think a family is buried under the big tree, guarding the house. (In essence it is.)

My Beloved Pets

by Wendy Velez
(San Antonio, TX)

As I read through this page I remember all of my beloved pets and start to cry all over, but I know they are in a better place and that one day I will see them all again.

BJ ( Germany 1980 - Virginia 1993 )

Sammy Joe ( Arkansas 1989 - Virginia 1996 )

Benny Joe ( Maryland 1987 - Virginia 2002 )

Happy Jeanne ( Florida 1998 - Texas 2008 )

Lucky Joe ( Texas 1998 - Texas 2011 )

I can't imagine my life without them and each and every day I think of them. Just remembering their faces and sweet disposition and all the love they shared with me makes me smile and feel warm all over.

Now, I have three more...

Happy II ( since 2007 )

Waldo ( since 2008 ) both born in Texas

and my sweet foster Dolly 2010.

I can't imagine my house without the sweet sound of their paws and the laughter they bring into my life.

My life is complete with a pet.

God bless you for allowing the posting of my thoughts.

* * *

Well Wendy,

You are certainly welcome and thank you for visiting my Rainbow Bridge Poem page. There is nothing like the love of a pet! I couldn't imagine life without them, could you?



by Gary Ten Hoven
(Streamwood, IL)

Today I say good bye to a loving loyal good friend. He has been sick since Oct 9 and under the care of a vet. The vet never discussed that he may need to be put down. King passed away in my arms on November 20, 2012 at 2:50 AM. We only had him for four years.

We love our dogs as if they were our children. King was our friend, our buddy, our pal. No heart in the entire world was more grateful for kindness than the loving heart in him.

We didn’t need the sun to shine to have a shadow because no matter how many times We went up and down the stairs or where we went he would always be there with us.

He would always welcome us home with his bark; sometimes a muffled bark as he prepared a toy for us to play with him. Many times he would be in our bay window to welcome us home.

I will always miss this home coming.

He enjoyed playing tug and with his squeaky toys especially his hamburger. A great protector and loving companion, he will be missed.

There is no love greater than the Unconditional love we received. I hope he knew how much he is loved and will be missed.

My dad always loved to play with King.

My Mom said to me “I think they go to heaven, some others don’t but I say spell DOG backwards and there is your answer.”

RIP King. The pain is over. Till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I will remember:

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge...

Baby Grace

by Cyndi
(Columbia MD)

After my husband left me, the girls asked if we could get a dog. Their father never wanted one.

Being tight on money we started looking at the local humane society. I fell in love with an older beagle with a red spot on her eyelid and sore paws.

I knew she was meant to be my Baby.

When we took her home she did little at first, but as time went by she became more and more active. We fell even more deeply in love with her!!

She was my companion on those lonely weekends without my girls.

Eventually I found love again and we moved to a house with a large yard for her to wander. After 5 wonderful years her health began to fail and I knew I didn't want her to suffer.

The hardest day was when we said goodbye to her. I never realized how much she meant to me and how much I will miss her. My heart aches now but at least I know she is no longer in pain.

I love you Baby Grace and I will never forget you!!

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