My Best Friend

by Anonymous

The first time I saw Diesel was at a local pet store. H was so cute! I was looking for an English bull dog at the time and Diesel was a bull mastiff. The pet store told me they knew someone selling american bull dogs so I went to check them out. The funny thing was I didn't get the same feeling I got when I had seen Diesel so I went back to the pet store to see if I felt the same connection. Boy did I! My search was over!

From the moment he came home he had my heart. A couple of my children had moved home until they got back on their feet and when I got Diesel they were getting ready to move out so I never had the chance to feel that empty nest syndrome. Diesel filled my days. My husband was an over the road driver that would be gone months at a time, so it was just Diesel and myself home. That boy knew he had me wrapped around his little finger and that in my eyes he could do no wrong. Wherever I went he would be there with me. I loved him so much - he was my 6th child. I don't believe Diesel ever thought he was any different than our children, or our grandchildren. He tried to do whatever everyone else was doing. He was so gentle with kids, loved to see them come to visit. Diesel wasn't the first fur baby we ever had, but the one that totally and completely stole my heart. I loved our other fur babies but my life was so busy with 5 kids to keep up with I never felt the closeness that I felt for Diesel. He made my life so much better. Simply put, he was the best! I feel so empty now that he's gone my heart is truly broken. R.I.P. Diesel you were loved by all of us.

Rainbow Bridge
April 16,2014

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