My Best Grand-dog Riley

by Sandi Hoker
(Dover, FL USA)

My daughters dog was my best grand-boy. She rescued him from
our local animal shelter. He had an ID chip and his owners
were not interested in claiming him. I don't know why because
he was the so loving, happy, and was well behaved. He loved
camping and going on road trips with Grandma and Grandpa. He enjoyed our dog Buttons' company. His favorite toy was his Kong; it was a little big for him. A Jack Russell Terrier he was so loving, so smart. He got out of the fence on April 23 and was hit by a car. I feel like we let him down. But some say it was "his time". I don't understand the loss and my heart is broken.

I have owned dogs all my life and many pieces of my heart are missing. The Rainbow Bridge is a very special place that they all deserve. I love you Gran-boy.

* * *

Wow Sandi, what a shock! This is not how I expected your story to end at all and it definitely brought tears to my eyes.

All I can think of is what a friend of mine says who lost three of her dogs in one year... it's not how long we live, it's how well we live.

I'm so glad your daughter got Riley from the shelter and that you all loved him, spent time with him and gave him the life he deserved while he was here.

We'll never know why a life is cut short but I do believe in Rainbow Bridge and that you will all see each other again.


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May 20, 2013
Thinking of you ..
by: Sharon

Sandy and family, words cannot express how deeply I feel your pain. I remember my love for a pet I loved so much. For some reason God saw fit to bring Riley into your lives and I really believe you will see him again in heaven. We don't know everything in life but what I do know is that you were given a special gift through this precious animal and he enreached your life and that he is with you. I just want you to know that I care very much and my heart is with you.

Your forever friend,
Sharon Garrison

May 15, 2013
So sorry about Riley
by: Janice and Adrian

Dear Sandi, Larry, and Lacy - We know how much all of you loved that special little guy and we are so sorry to hear what happened. We have lost some of the best pets too and it is very very hard and we are thinking of you guys. Love to you all.

May 13, 2013
by: Kirk

We miss him so badly. Rex and June seem to know and go to the fence to meet up with their buddy whenever they are in the front yard. I find myself looking to the front porch to see if Riley and Larry are playing with the Kong as I go down my drive. Miss you bud!

May 12, 2013
A few short words
by: Anonymous

Wow, no one could say it better than that!

May 12, 2013
We're here for you
by: The Lance's

As you know, we loved Riley and will miss him also. It is heart breaking to lose a loved pet and we are very familiar with the Rainbow Bridge. It is a wonderful place and he will now be able to play with your other pets that have already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We know he will also be able to play with our beloved pets that went to the Rainbow Bridge and will be able to show him around. Time does heal some, but you will always have him in your heart. We love you all and anytime you need to talk, we are there.

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