My Dog Scrappy

by Abby Ecord (Age 13)

I don't have any pictures to show you but he was a black and light brown dachshund and his name was Scrappy.

Oh I don't remember ever being without him since he was with me my whole life until now.

What I remember most is being in the backyard playing fetch with Scrappy and Fritz. Fritz would hog the ball and all the attention but Scrappy was the one who got my heart. A year or maybe three years later he had a back problem and it was all hunched up but was fixed with special food and a pill. Years passed we moved in with my aunt who loved him so and called him Scrappy dog.

We had to switch food and that didn't go well with him we fed him white rice with hamburger to make him better. He bit just about everyone but not me, it made me feel special.

Two years later, our first year in the new house I could tell his time was almost up. All he did was sleep and we had to drag him outside to go potty. We all petted him a lot because we didn't know how much time we had left with him.

I'm almost positive he had cancer (but we couldn't afford the vet). Things went normal until the first month of this year (2012).

He was eating and drinking like crazy but he lost all of his bladder control. It was terrible cleaning pee up everywhere. And he was blind, falling down stairs and running into walls! I couldn't really lift him up and it got to the point where he would only go outside if I helped. When my mom tried, he nipped at her. I tried to teach him to go up and down uneven stairs but it was so hard for him.

I was looking for answers or a cheap vet.

One night in February 2012, it was really bad. Mom and I took him to the vet. I didn't feel anything at the vet.

He peed on the ground and panting wanting to walk around and explore. My mom, was a mess crying and petting him while I hugged her and told her it was gonna be okay.

The vet talked to us for awhile picked him up and walked out with him. That was the last time I ever saw my dearly missed Scrappy.

In the car it hit me like a punch in the gut. It was fast, painful, and I could hardly breathe. I stared out the window of my moms car as tears filled my eyes. I couldn't hold it in and burst out crying. But I quickly pulled myself together.

At home it was horrible. I sat on the couch unable to do anything but cry and be hugged tightly by mom while she told me it's okay now! He's happy now!

For awhile it bothered me thinking there was another dog in the house and mine was gone. When the vet called asking if we wanted his ashes and I said "No." I still don't know if I want them.

The first couple of day Scrappy's best bud my dog Fritz had a hard time too. Staring out the window, barely eating, drinking, and just glued to that window waiting, waiting, waiting for his brother to come back. He never did, later he'd walk around the house wondering were Scrappy was.

Weeks and maybe a month went by. He seemed fine but he never ate or drank or went outside. I spoon fed him water tried giving him food, even put him on a leash and walked him out in our front yard which he loves but had no interest in at all. I remember thinking don't die please? In every bad situation with my dog I whisper good happy things to him.

I sit here with him thinking is this his last good year? Is this almost the end? Is he just gonna sleep his last good years away? Well he's 12 now and Scrappy was 14 or so when he was put down and after Fritz no more dogs my mom says, makes me wanna cry. At least I know when he goes he will be with his beloved brother in heaven at rainbow bridge.

Sorry this is such a long story. And Fritz is a minature dachshund and he has dark brown hair with some black and lots of gray and white. Thank you.

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