My Little Buddy Pita

by Glenn Downey
(Gallaway, TN)

Pita was a birthday present from my then wife. We were truckers and Pita was the perfect truck dog. You should have seen the look of pure happiness and triumph on her face when she jumped from the floor to the bed the first time. We were runnin buddies for years.

Then came the D word. Pita stayed with my ex-wife. And after 6 years, my ex gave her back to me. She was then 9 years old and for another three years, Pita and I were almost inseparable.

But her health was worsening as she grew older. I knew the time was coming. She was always there to meet me when I got home. Even at 13 years old. When her time came, I did what I had to do.

That was almost four years ago now and I'm still missing her. I look forward to seeing her again on the Rainbow Bridge. Funny thing is she used to love the rain. And would stare at the sky when we saw a rainbow. Maybe she already knew. I wish I had pictures I could put up here. But the only pictures I have of her are in my memories.

~ ~ ~

Glen, than you so much for sharing. I wish you could have shared pictures too but memories are a beautiful thing and they are what really count.

I find it amazing that missing someone so special never ends but we're lucky that the pain lessens.

Three Little Pitties

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