My Special Companion

by Douglas Sheffield
(Hubbard, Ohio)



Dogs are a special animal.

They forgive us for everything.

They love us unreservedly and wholeheartedly.

They show us compassion.

They show us loyalty.

They show us understanding.

They are excited to see us if we've been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours.

They are true family members.

They are sympathetic toward us when we are ill.

They accept their lot without complaint and with strength.

They show us every way that God wants us to treat each other.

Is it any wonder that DOG is GOD spelled backwards?

~ ~ ~

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Jul 04, 2014
Love Transcends Death
by: Andrea

There is nothing anyone can say to take away your pain and there is nothing anyone can say to take away your sorrow because you my friend have been blessed with what some of us understand as a soul connection.

All I can say is you are not alone in your grief and I truly believe Satchmo can see and feel what you are going through. Remember that he knows how much you care about him, that it's mutual and although you must grieve, he does not want you to suffer and you will see him again.

Jul 04, 2014
loss is never easy
by: Doug

The dog above is my Satchmo. I just lost him a few days ago. I think that of all the pets I have had, he was the closest. I feel that I have lost a child. I see him everywhere and in everything I do. I cannot get past the fact that he isn't here anymore. This dagger in my heart will be there a long time. The tears won't stop falling. I wish I could see him over the Rainbow Bridge, healthy and happy. I just have to believe and hope that one day we will play together again. I loved him more than I could ever say, but am grateful for all that he brought into my life.

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