Natural Flea Remedies Instead of Poisonous Pesticide Pills and Spot on Treatments

Improve your dog’s health by using natural flea remedies. There was a time I rinsed 100 fleas a day off my 5 dogs. Then a flea med nearly killed one. Now fleas are just a memory.

The effects of using a spot-on flea med just one time on my dog Helen. Never again will I allow a pesticide on or in my dogs. I found the best natural flea remedies and it's worked for a decade.

Fleas were a painful part of my life with dogs and I thought those 500 fleas a day were the worst thing that could happen . . . until I used a flea med.

Not everyone has such a drastic experience but there is no doubt about their toxicity. Otherwise the FDA wouldn't put out warnings.

If you're ready to join thousands of loving dog parents using herbs, here's what I suggest and why.

Natural Flea Remedies for DOGS

Herbs are food.

Condensed foods with a purpose.

Here's what I love. Combining 2 nutritional anti-parasitic herbs along with one of the worlds most nutritious super foods.

Black Walnut - Not only is this herb anti-parasitic, it's antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-fungal. 

Purifying and oxygenating the blood, it also improves all bodily functions, the immune system and makes the body less attractive to fleas.

Garlic - Used for thousands of years, it's still awesome. Garlic has antibacterial properties that don't have side effects like antibiotics. It's also anti-parasitic, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal. Combined with black walnut in the right dose it also improves health. For more on garlic if you have concerns, see Garlic for Dogs.

Spirulina - A superfood used since the 16th century, it has 100 nutrients. It's an antioxidant; anti-inflammatory  and  detoxifier of heavy metals that ruin health. My dog gets this daily.

The best products are rigorously testing for purity and potency and have an excellent reputation. They're also made for human consumption. I promote NSP (Nature's Sunshine).


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Important Note: DO NOT go by the instructions on the bottle since those are for humans and too potent for your dog

Another Natural Remedy for Fleas and Lifelong Health

I've had people get good results with just the herbs on this page but remember this. Fleas adore a weak host so why not make him a super-dog and kryptonite to a flea?

For this we go old-school. Like really old.

Dogs eating mass produced, highly processed, chemical laden foods that are not real food produce the lifeblood (cute pun huh?) of fleas.

Yup, kibble sucks the big kahuna. That picture above of my Helen? That changed my life so I could change hers.

I switched all 5 of my dogs to a raw species appropriate diet and they thrived. Chronic health problems disappeared along with the flea problem.

To get started, go to my free raw recipes page. Do it. You'll be so proud of yourself.

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