Heartworm Treatment for Dogs

Heartworms in dogs are a frightening. I want to share the herbs I wished I'd known about when my dog tested positive.

I believe he would have lived a longer, healthier, happier life if I had.

Not Isaac, this is my friend Lincoln who does not need a heartworm treatment

Some years ago a handsome Golden Retriever adopted me by showing up at my door and refusing to leave.

Not being able to find his owner, we added him to our family and loved him dearly.

Issac was a great dog. Albeit a bit like Marley from Marley and Me, that dog had heart.

That dog had charisma, and even when he made you angry, you had to laugh at the same time. Isaac also had canine heartworm.

My vet said he had to have a heartworm treatment or he would die. Even then the prognosis was a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Isaac survived the treatment but died just a few years later. He was only four years old and I'll always wonder how much that heartworm treatment had to do with it.

I would never blindly trust a veterinarian again. Isaac had no symptoms of heartworm whatsoever and if there were only Microfilaria present, I might not have gone ahead with treatment. More important is if I'd known about a natural heartworm treatment I would have jumped at the chance.

Heartworm Symptoms In Dogs

Coughing and labored breathing head the list for canine heartworm symptoms. Heartworms by the way, can live in the heart or the lungs.

If the heart's passages become constricted there can be labored breathing and possible heart failure.

While this seems horrible, the chances of this happening are not as high as you might think. Still I know you want to be careful and protect your dogs health and I will help you with that.

What You Should Know about About Heartworms in Dogs

I've learned a lot about heartworm in dogs since then. The life cycle of heartworm, prevention (both toxic and non-toxic), and just when it can be dangerous or life threatening.

Since this page is about the actual treatment, I'll skip the whole life cycle which you can find on my page called Dog Heartworm Medicine.

If your dog has tested positive for heartworm there are things you must ask your vet.

  • Which tests did he perform
  • What stage of heartworm is present
  • Side effects of his proposed Heartworm treatment (get a printout and read it until you clearly understand what the side effects and adverse reactions are.)

The two tests for heartworm are:

Microfilaria test: This screening test is used to detect the baby worms (microfilaria) circulating in the bloodstream. This may or may not mean there are adult heartworms. (See life cycle)

Heartworm serology: This type of test checks for proteins in the bloodstream that are produced by the adult heartworms. This test shows there is at least one adult present.

Adult heartworms are more serious and treatment with Immiticide (which I believe is based on arsenic) can also have fatal side effects.

Is your head spinning yet? Okay even though the poison used is really bad for your dog (and not approved for humans or cats) it has another side effect. The dead worms getting carried away in the blood stream block the blood vessels and cause death.

Natural Heartworm Treatment

Now that I've told you all this depressing stuff,  you have an idea of the fear I went through when my Isaac went through treatment. I felt awful as I watched him lie still for days after his treatment. And most of all, I want you to know there is a better way.

By using the right herbs as a natural heartworm treatment, we can not only kill the heartworm but help his body break down the deceased parasites in a natural way so they do not become lodged. Let's call it the Kill'em-and-clean'em-up Plan

Note that after much research, I am brand specific and use only HUMAN GRADE herbs and supplements only:

  • Artemisia Combination (Stock #787-6) This formula features two species of artemisia—sweet wormwood and mugwort. Added for maximum effectiveness are: Elecampane root, clove flower buds, garlic bulb, ginger rhizome, spearmint, turmeric root and olive leaf extract. 
  • High Potency Protease (Stock #1876-1) Why use an enzyme that breaks down protein? Glad you asked. The toxic waste from nematodes (worms) that is floating around in the blood is seen as a protein! Now you can really clean house!
  • Liver Cleanse (Stock #1010-3) So now we're cleansing the liver? You bet. In a nutshell, you will provide nutritional support to the liver and gallbladder with this to promote cleansing, detoxification and support digestive function.
  • Liquid Silver Shield (Stock #21488) Know that where there are parasites of any type, there will be other pathogens and bacterias as well. Worms often damage tissue creating inflammation and breakdown of tissue. Silver is great for soothing and healing this.

 And now you know a natural heartworm treatment. If you chose to go this route, that's awesome!

It takes 5 - 7 business days to receive your package. In the meantime I'll email you and ask a few questions to be sure you use the perfect doses for your dog.

NOTE: Plan to reorder! You'll need to stick with this plan for 3 months before getting another heartworm test.


If you have any questions please contact me 

 I look forward to working with you to help your dog be the best he or she can be.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.