Is No Grain Dog Food a Farce?

Yes. No grain dog food is a great marketing tactic but doesn’t create a balanced diet for dogs. Here's why.

Is no grain dog food healthy or just another crummy alternative bad for dog health

Now that many of us know grains lead to dog health problems, we're on the lookout for grain free food.

Grains really are bad for dog health right? Well they're certainly not needed and tend to cause inflammation, but let's look at what's the same about grain and no grain kibble from a business standpoint.

Dog food manufacturers are trying to keep up with what their customers want. The problem is they don't ever give us what we really want. It's a ruse (or a wily subterfuge).

What do I mean? We want dog food nutrition! When we found out corn and wheat were bad for dogs they changed to rice and we bought it! When we began figuring out that no grain was actually good for dogs, they came out with no grain dog food and tons of people are  buying that now.  Slick.  Really slick.

No Grain Dog Food for Allergies

One of the most compelling reasons we wanted no grain dog food was to stop allergies. What most of us still don't realize is there's a difference between food intolerance and an allergy to food. Almost all of it is intolerance of . . . substandard food.

No grain dog food may seem to work for awhile but problems still lurk. Dogs are carnivores plain and simple. While they'll eat just about anything that isn't nailed down, that doesn't mean it's good for them.

Of course real meat is costly so various concoctions are used. After all, it's a processed food. And something has to be used for cohesion, shaping and efficient drying without grains.

Of course they came up with an answer.

Starch. That's pretty much what they used the grains for anyway but now they have a whole new arena of choices and somehow we think it must be better. Let's look at some choices of starch that now replace those grains.

Potatoes, peas, tapioca, potato starch, pea starch, sweet potato

Does any of that look like dog food to you? Does it make your mouth water?

What Grains & Starches Have in Common

If you think grain free dog food from a bag is the way to go, you may be barking up the wrong tree (sorry, couldn't help myself).

While you might be a bit ahead of the game if your dog has a wheat or corn allergy, there is something I want to be sure you're aware of.

 The body, whether it's yours or your dog's sees these stripped starches or carbohydrates as what they are. Sugar. Yes sugar. This is why diabetes in dogs, insulin resistance and several other dog diseases are rising at such a rapid rate. And let's not forget dental disease. (All kibble sticks to the teeth causing decay.)

All that from their food. To understand more, read about  Insulin Resistance  and  "White Flour and Why You Should Never Feed it."

Although grains and starches must be cooked for dogs to metabolize them, a little goes a long way  (and none is far better).

Have you ever read the percentage of carbohydrates on a bag of dog food? Of course not, because they won't list it. They know you wouldn't want to feed your carnivore a diet with 65% to 80% carbs because it wouldn't be healthy.

My best advice if you have no interest in a raw diet or home cooked diet is to read the ingredients on the bag, but be sure you know which ingredients are dangerous. (See Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid.)

And then give your dog some real meat for treats or as a meal replacement a few times each week. Or an egg. From raw to hard boiled, they're yummy, nutritious and most definitely a no grain dog food.

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