Benefits of Nosodes for Dogs

With the increasing awareness of long term dangers of vaccines and their side effects, more people are turning to nosodes for their dogs health and longevity. What is a nosode?

Having used them for myself and my children, I am a huge proponent of this method to avoid disease. (And every day I bless the woman who introduced me to natural modes of healing, including homeopathy.)

If you have not been exposed to anything but western allopathic medicine, where you take a pill to stop symptoms and not necessarily heal the body, this will sound rather bazaar. Once accustomed to it, you can't imagine anything else.

What Exactly is a Nosode?

A nosode can be used as a vaccine alternative. Like a vaccine, it has a small portion of the disease itself but it is an infinitesimal amount and is diluted in such a way that it's really more the energy of the disease that is left and promotes the body's defenses. (Like a homeopathic remedy) It is also given orally instead of by injection.

Here is Dr. Marty Goldstein's explanation from his book "The Nature of Animal Healing".

"A far smaller amount of the disease is isolated and prepared as a tincture, then diluted with nine drops of water or alcohol and shaken exactly 108 times, so as to add kinetic energy to the dilution. After several more dilutions with exponentially more water or alcohol (99 drops from the second dilution, 999 drops from the third, and so on, with the dilution shaken 108 times at each stage), the nosode is then said to be "potentized." This means that it retains none of the actual isolate of the disease, only the isolate's "energy memory" which can provoke the immune system into producing antibodies without any risk of virulence."

Not only that, it is practically tasteless and takes only a few drops at a time so I've never had a problem with my kids or my dogs taking it. (And I'm totally gung-ho over anything that heals, strengthens my immune system and doesn't involve swallowing a big pill.)

What are Nosode Side Effects?

In case you just skimmed over that last paragraph, there are absolutely no side effects from these remedies, since they are not the disease itself but rather, the energy from that disease.

I truly believe if all doctors used nosodes, we'd be a healthier species and so would our dogs.

Are Nosodes Recognized as a Vaccine?

In the United States, they are not but I want you to be aware of them. Hopefully you know the only vaccine required by law is for rabies so that gives you some options if you feel your dog needs protection from other diseases but you know about vaccine side effects and would wisely like to avoid them. Even in the case of the rabies vaccine you may be able to get a waiver through your veterinarian if your dog has either had several rabies vaccines or has shown definite signs of the rabies vaccine side effects.

If you kennel your dog and that kennel does not accept their use in lieu of vaccinations, you can search for a new kennel, get a dog sitter or you will have to get the required dog shots anyway until we can get the requirements to change.

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I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

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