Parvo Shots
Does the Parvovirus Vaccine
Protect or Produce Disease in Dogs?

Think twice before giving a parvo shot. Know when

Knowing when parvo shots should be given is imperative. Why? With current heavy vaccination schedules, 28 percent of vaccinated puppies still get the parvo virus.

We have been led to believe it takes more than one puppy shot to create an immunity to the parvo virus. Not So!!

The idea is to repeat puppy vaccines so when the immunity passed from the mother wears off, the vaccine will then take over and create the immunity. Yet, studies have shown this practice is dangerous to dog health.

First, when a puppy with its mother's antibodies is vaccinated, that vaccine is inactivated just like the disease would be. And parvo immunity lasts longer than other disease antibodies in a pup and the truth is, puppies are vaccinated too early, too often with too many vaccines so the vaccines actually SUPPRESS the immune system!

Vaccines are treated far to casually because the over stimulation of the immune system can lead to autoimmune diseases where the body actually attacks itself.

Parvo Shot Blocks Distemper Vaccine

First, remember that each time a dog is vaccinated, he or she runs a risk of adverse reactions ranging from bad to fatal. You can find the list at my page called Vaccine Side Effects. (If your dog experiences any of them, for heaven's sake stop vaccinating.)

The following are a combination of facts from a Vanguard Study, a Pfizer study and include comments by noted immunologist Dr. Ronald Schultz, who has been studying the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines for 40 years.

A study of the core vaccine including parvo, distemper and adenovirus showed the results of effectiveness of the parvo vaccine when given once at these specific ages:

  • 6 weeks of age = 52% effective
  • 9 weeks of age = 88% effective
  • 12 weeks of age = 100% effective

This shows vaccinating any dog younger than 12 weeks is high risk because of the ineffectiveness coupled with possible side effects. Not only that but the parvo component in the combo vaccine works to block the distemper component.

The 1996 Pfizer study there where two groups of puppies

  • the first group received a single vaccine between 8 and 10 weeks of age followed by another single vaccine at 12 weeks
  • the second group was given only one single vaccine at 12 weeks and afterward showed full immunity

That first group did not - even after two injections leading them to believe the first shot actually blocked the second one.

And while the following is not from a scientific study, I have read about many cases of distemper being caused by the vaccine and killing puppies. Why aren't more people paying attention?

My Conclusion

The truth is we have become vaccine addicts instead of dog health addicts. A truly healthy dog will not be a weak enough target for disease, period.

When we take into account the substance the vaccine is 'in' is highly toxic as well, what are we doing?

They are toxic and too many vaccines in total wreak havoc on the immune system, even causing autoimmune disease. Over vaccinating can literally shut down the immune system, damage major organs and cause debilitating disease and death in dogs.

I believe we will find that dog vaccinations kills more dogs that the diseases they are supposed to protect our canines from.

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