Parvo Symptoms
and Home Treatment

This is Three Little Pitties friend Ice the pit bull, posing for Parvo Symptoms today

Parvo symptoms are similar to any other virus in dogs and the most important part may be treatment at home for both dog dehydration and the virus itself.

Since Parvo in dogs can be devastating and sometimes deadly, it's important to know the symptoms, who is most susceptible and be ready to act quickly, especially if getting to a vet isn't easy.

First I feel the need to say it's not the epidemic in dogs it once was. In the U.S. the parvo virus lasted from the late 1970s to early 1980s. The severe gastrointestinal reactions and subsequent dehydration can kill a puppy or a weak older dog in 48 hours.

What is parvo? A highly contagious disease for any dog with a weak immune system and primarily pups are at risk. I've read it is spread by by direct or indirect contact with infected feces but a virus is airborne and can be tracked into the house on shoes or clothing.

Of course what matters now is if you frightened your dog might have it, the parvo symptoms are important to know and at home treatment options for this or any virus with these symptoms should be treated the same.

Parvo Symptoms

  • Diarrhea, often bloody and watery
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Fever

As you might agree, these symptoms are not as specific as you might expect. What is important to know is this:

  • The diarrhea and vomiting make a dog extremely dehydrated so fluids are critical. 
  • Dog dehydration: Without fluids the body's organs will shut down and the dog will die.
  • The other deadly component is the other result of the diarrhea. The outermost layers of the intestines are actually sloughed off by the diarrhea. This leaves them vulnerable, exposing the body to a rapid toxic uptake.

Now before you go into complete panic mode, finish reading this because there are things you need to do. Ready?

If You Suspect Your Dog has the Parvo Virus

First, understand a vet will give the dog an IV to rehydrate while giving antibiotics to stop the infection that will happen from the weakened intestinal walls absorbing bacteria.

At home, you can't do an IV but there's something else that works to stop dog dehydration. An enema. Yes an enema is putting fluids gently up the bum which of course is the anus. If your dog is severely dehydrated this is no time to be squeamish. You can be gentle with your pup.

First, do the dog dehydration test at that link. On that same page is instructions for the enema, i.e. what to use and how to perform one.

You can give an enema every 2 hours. The body will absorb the needed fluids and when its had enough, the fluid will no longer be retained - but of course you will be doing that dog dehydration test every few hours right? Right.

Natural Antibiotics

Regular readers on my site know I keep NSP Liquid Silver Shield on hand at all times because it is both antibacterial and antiviral. Plus being a practically tasteless liquid makes it easy to give to dogs. What is it? Colloidal silver. And don't ask me why colloidal silver works. I was apprehensive for quiet a while but its worth its weight in gold.

If you have it, give 1 teaspoon twice a day for a dog over 40 pounds and half that for a pup or small dog. You can use a syringe to slowly put it in the mouth or put it in the enema.

Emergency Measure

If you suspect parvo and can't get to a vet immediately, give him Kaopectate to coat the intestines. You could even give a Kaopectate enema to further protect the intestines.

Kaopectate is not a cure but it will buy you time.

If you keep basic homeopathic remedies around the house and there is blood in the watery stools, give Phosphorus 30X to help stop the bleeding.

Thoughts About Parvo in Dogs

Discovered in 1978, did Parvo appear out of nowhere or was it a simple virus that became a killer because of what we've done? Have we inhibited our dogs immune systems by all the vaccines and medicines intended to help them?

Boosting your dogs immune system through quality foods, nutritional supplements (not vitamin pills) and avoiding unnecessary vaccines should keep him immune to disease.

Please see Parvo Shots to learn why roughly 30% of pups vaccinated still get this disease.

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