Put Down the Damn Toilet Seat!  by Andrea Partee  

Well this one is not a dog health book, nor is it about dogs drinking from the toilet. Put Down the Damn Toilet Seat is about motherhood. The best, the worst, the embarrassing moments and more.

Hi, Andrea Partee here to give you a heads up about my second womens humor book. While men may find it funny, Put Down the Damn Toilet Seat is really for women, especially those who have done this motherhood gig.

I think the reason my Three Little Pitties readers are predominantly women is because we have a special appreciation for dogs. Never mind that they leave their toys strewn all over the house, at least they don't talk back. In fact, unlike children they are always glad to see us, love to go everywhere we go, could care less how we are dressed and don't mind us talking to their friends.

In other words, we never ever embarrass our dogs. Plus our canines never ask to borrow the car.

Kids on the other hand, make us puke, stretch us out, wear us out and make us buy a new wardrobe; all before they're even born. Then by the time we get used to them needing us 24 hours a day, they get an independent streak. They make a mess trying to feed themselves,  get rude by pulling the cat's tail and trying to ride the dog like a horse and before you know it, they don't even like your music and you don't like theirs much either.

In time you go from #1 in their book to #21 and the only reason you rate a twenty-one is because you are their chauffeur until they are old enough to expect their own car. If you loan them your car, you are without one and if you buy them one you become #1 again for a day and a half and have to go without something in order to insure them.

All in all, the book is to share laughter through funny short stories and embarrassing moments. In fact here is the entire title with subtitle and the "proper" book description.

Put Down the Damn Toilet Seat
Funny Short Stories and Embarrassing Moments in
the Life and Times of a Mother


Put Down the Damn Toilet Seat chronicles pregnancy, birth and child rearing from birth to twenty-seven with the message that true parenting is not for the weak or faint of heart. The trials and tribulations over both failures and achievements are humorously captured with humility by a woman who tried to be perfect but often fell short of the mark. While the role of a mother changes during her life, the message is clear that unconditional love and laughter is what family is all about.


 About the Author (In case you don't know me yet)

Andrea Partee lives in Minnesota where even hot flashes can’t keep her warm in winter. Her first humor book “Aging with Humor and Grace” won an award shortly after it was published in June of 2013, which only seems to have encouraged her. She juggles her time between writing humor, acting as an online dog health care coach through her Three Little Pitties website and perfecting her listening technique with her three adult children. 

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