Rainbow Bridge Stories from 2012

by Andrea
(Three Little Pitties)

Rainbow Bridge for Angel Uno

Rainbow Bridge for Angel Uno

Sinsae..A Moving Story with a Message from Rainbow Bridge

by Kari Powell
(Eugene, Oregon)

Sinsae was a 2 yr old mahogany red Chow, too smart for his own good but that dog helped me get through the loss of my mom and he was always with me wherever I went.

When I met my husband Rodney, Sinsae was our kid.

Once in a great while he would take off running to visit the dogs at the kennel down the street.

One scary evening he took off running and we went after him. Three miles later on a fast moving road, we found him...he had just been hit by a car.

No movement at all. I instantly lost it as Rodney made me stay in the car. He still wouldn't let me see him when we got home because he wanted so much to protect me.

Well, what I really want to share with you is what follows:

Two weeks later, I had a dream.

There was Sinsae lying comfortably in the grass, his big, red mane blowing in the breeze. The 1st couple times I called him he wouldn't come. Then he got up and I noticed his right leg was broken. Otherwise he was himself...then I awoke.

The next day I told Rodney of my dream and he asked which leg was broken. When I told him it was the right front, Rodney turned white! He never told me his front right leg was broken when he picked Sinsae up that night!

I have no doubt it was my Sinsae saying, “I’ll be right here Mom; take your time. I have always loved you and will always be with you.”

That's a dream I will Never Forget! I know they are all at Rainbow Bridge.....

I miss him just as bad 18yrs later!


by Claudia
(United States)

My dog Sam was best friends with me and my other dog Sandy. I had her since before I was born. She was 2 when I was born but she is gone now because she was put down September 2011.

I told my mom I would never get over it. She said I would but I never have. I cry every day.

* * *

Dear Claudia, I understand how you feel. Let me ask you a question. Would Sam want you to be hurting and crying every day? Remember Sam loved you too. I hope you remember the Rainbow Bridge Poem so after a while, you can smile instead of cry when you think of Sam.

With Hugs,


My Darling Angel Uno (October 11, 2012)

by Heather
(Warren, Ohio)

My dog was my best friend.

I will miss her daily kisses and her waiting at the door when I get home from work.

I was with her when she took her first breath
8 1/2 years ago and her last breath today.

It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. She was in kidney failure but you would not ever guessed there was a problem ...She still poured the love out of her little soul!

What a fighter and unbelievably loyal to me. I had no clue she was so sick ... As hard as it for me right now and will continue too be - at least I know now she is not suffering just to be by my side

... I will forever love you my sweet angel

I don't know if I will ever get another dog. She was my life. It felt as though I was putting my own child down.

* * *


My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing. And who knows, maybe one day in the future you will find that loving another pet is worth risking your heart once more.

All the best to you sweet lady,


Unconditional Love For My Little Dog Beethoven

by Love, Judy Ryan
(Baldwin, NY)

Fur white and fluffy as the
glistening clouds and snow.
Heart pure as gold.

Our friendship was as deep as the
bluest river. Our hearts were bound by the
simplicity of love.

Concerned for my well being
became his goal. Forgetting about himself forever.

Together we struggled to keep it together and in his most difficult moments, he always stayed by my side.

Then I realized what I had found.
That love was letting go.

He is now in the fields with his furry friends.
I, in turn, am by his side, forgetting about myself forever.

Although I cry now for his company.

The lesson is in the language of love....

Peace to you, my little Unconditional Love.

Sasha ... my Baby-Girl, and Best Friend

by Sandy

Sasha was such a special dear friend and a part of my Family. I miss her so bad, but knowing I will get to see her again Comforts me. SASHA I love & miss you !

* * *

Sandy, thank you for sharing your picture of Sasha. I know she is still in your heart and watches over you from Rainbow Bridge.

Goodbye Leia

by Polly
(Cary, NC)

On Sunday she was wandering through the woods with my daughter, mostly walking but occasionally glumping with her old lady stiffness. At 13, we knew she had some problems: years on controlled IBD, slowly progressive renal disease, a recent skin cancer, (and stone deaf!) but she was vital and happy, playing with Katie's new puppy, watching out the front window on the arm of the sofa when Katie was out, greeting her at the back door when she came in.

By yesterday she was gone. Our gallant, stoic, wonderful Leia began to cough on Sunday, checked by the vet Monday with no specific finding, became very short of breath Monday night, and by Tuesday was in extremis with a cardiac tamponade caused by a huge bleeding tumor of her heart. She still stood up and wagged when she first saw me, but that was the last time she was to stand.

Within hours, she was barely conscious, in severe respiratory distress and in pain so we made the right decision to end her suffering. She crossed the rainbow bridge in the arms of her loving family and is now in a peaceful, painless place, leaving us here to mourn.

It was too soon, too fast, too painful. As my daughter Katie lay on the floor sobbing with Leia in her arms I was afraid she would pass out from grief: this was her first dog, her first love, her confidante, her solace: show dog, agility dog, friend.

Goodbye to Ch. Sunnyhill Carolina Splash. I hope to see you on the other side.

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