Rainbow Bridge Poem Two

Losing a pet is tough and I want to share two Rainbow Bridge poems with you today. Why? You need it and I want to remind you the reason pet love is so special. One I wrote myself.

I wrote this awhile back but I find the older I get, the easier it is to share personal things. Especially when it comes to our dogs. Those of us who have felt the loss of the most special beings on earth understand. And we've had days that we wondered how we could go on. And even days we didn't think we would.

But grieving is a part of life and those of us who have had the good fortune of special relationships with our pets understand how others have that bond too. I think it's a soul connection and in the first poem I will explain why.


So as you go about your day think about what they taught us, strive to live without judgement and value that we are all indeed connected.

That also includes thinking that one kind of pet is better than another. That the loss of a dog is worse than that of a cat. Or that dog love or cat love couldn't compare to the love of a horse.

I think it's the soul that matters.

I've loved dogs, cats, chickens, ferrets and shocked myself at the love I felt for two family snakes. They didn't have big brown eyes but their actions when I walked into the room or offered a bath were endearing, their curiosity entertaining and after ten years I still wish I could hold them just one more time. It's hard to explain but the connection was there.

Because of them I felt even more compassion for my daughter when she lost her hamster. A hamster you say? A fluffy little girl who would make a mini ruckus if she wasn't held and licked my daughter's face when she was. I didn't even know hamsters licked anybody who wasn't a hamster, but it just shows you never know what two species will connect.

Now here is the original Rainbow Bridge poem. I still like it.

Which is Your Favorite Rainbow Bridge Poem?

The original poem still gets to me and I have my own picture of Rainbow Bridge in my mind. It's probably different than yours too. And if just for today, you asked me what is the hardest pet to lose, I would say a dog.

Of course it isn't true but dogs do tend to get more of our time and attention since that's their nature. The real reason I'm thinking about the loss of a dog is that one of my dearest friends just lost her dog. And that's why I decided to publish my own poem and write this page.

Her dog was in good health but because he was approaching his 16th birthday my friend would remind herself that her boy couldn't live forever. And guess what? Nothing can prepare us. Nothing.

In this life there is love and there is loss. I ache for her as tears spill down my cheeks but if you were to ask me about the saying

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

I would have to answer,

"Hell yes!"

. . .and then I would get out my tissues.

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Here's where I stupidly got brave and recorded the poem. Where did I do it? Where is a woman comfortable? In the kitchen! Sheesh.

Rainbow Bridge Two, The Poem from Andrea Partee on Vimeo.

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