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How about a few healthy raw dog food recipes for the best homemade dog food on the planet? A natural barf diet is the biggest gift you can give your canine.

Should vegetables and raw eggs be a part of your dogs raw food diet? After much study, the truth may surprise you.Should vegetables and raw eggs be a part of your dogs raw food diet?

Once you get used to it, it's simple and the difference in your dog will probably astound you.

First, let me get the question of grains in dog food out of the way. Dogs have absolutely NO NEED FOR GRAINS. None. Zippity-doo-dah.

But here is the trick to a grain free dog food. Grains are carbohydrates (starches) and so are potatoes, peas, lentils or whatever is currently in fashion.

All these  ingredients can cause problems.

They've simply been a part of commercial dog foods for one reason. They're cheap.

I won't feed them to Lulu - not even in a treat because now I know their side effects. . . 

What will you choose for your dog?

Here's Kurby waiting to be told he can have that yummy raw chicken thigh. Hard to call this a raw dog food recipe but for a quick meal on the fly, it'll do on occasion.

Why BARF Should Be Grain Free

The need for starches was invented by manufacturers because they are cheap, plentiful and they can't make kibble without them.

It took me years to figure that one out. (Slap me.)

Yes, your food will be cheaper and if you can't let go of the concept, at least use organic oats, rice or quinoa.

If you want to use grains, add them to the recipes on this page. Keep grains and vegetables combined at 20% or less by volume.

Yes, I'm serious. Here's more on why:

Side Effects of Carbs

The following conditions can be caused or aggravated by starches which can be grains, rice, potatoes, peas, lentils or whatever the latest manufacturer's gimmicks are.

  • Skin conditions including hot spots, itching, redness etc.
  • Yeast and fungal imbalance such as dog ear yeast infections and skin conditions
  • Inflammation anywhere in the body

Sounds like most of what we visit the vet for doesn't it?

What is a BARF Diet for Dogs?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food consists of:

meat, organs, bones period (and the various fats they contain). How simple is that!

Raw Dog Food Recipes

Okay, we're to the recipe part! I'm going to give you 3 good recipes and one that should scare the pants off you it's so bad.

And because I want the best for my dog I also supplement.But not with vitamins. I'll share what she gets at the bottom in case you're interested.

Raw Dog Food Recipe #1
Boneless Meat Patties

This recipe has easy to find ingredients . .

  • 5 lbs ground chicken/ turkey/ beef/ lamb/pork (combine any)
  • 1 can water packed sardines
  • 4 raw organic free range eggs with shell for calcium (if you can't get the far more nutritious organic free range eggs, you may use regular eggs)
  • Optional: 1/2 to 3/4 cup finely chopped vegetables - kale/romaine lettuce/parsley/spinach/broccoli stalks/asparagus/carrots (combine any) I just throw mine in the mini food processor. In fact, that's mine at the top of the page, and here is the 'after' picture.

Personally, I no longer serve veggies.

Combine all ingredients together like a meatloaf. Get in there and mix it up! Form into patties the right size for your dog. (See table at bottom of page.) Refrigerate or freeze, thawing in the fridge the day before feeding.

I will note the suggestion for thawing out the day before feeding is for those who worry about bacteria. Personally I leave out 5 days worth in the fridge.

My dogs have never become sick from their food (but then they've never been on antibiotics either.)

Note: This recipe should NOT be the only one you use and you should vary the meat  for complete nutrition.

The Best Raw Dog Food (Recipe #2)
Boneless Organ Meat Patties

    This is the most nutrient dense recipe on this page.

    An important variation of the first recipe because dogs NEED organs and/or offal. Feed this recipe at least twice a week or better yet, daily as long as heart is included.

    Heart is actually a lean muscle meat.

    Let's go with a small batch here in case you have tiny dog:

  • 1 lb.  beef heart, chicken livers, kidneys, gizzards combined
  • 1 raw organic free range eggs with shell for calcium 
  • Optional: 1/8 cup (2 Tablespoons) mixed veggies finely diced or mushed (food processor)

Again, you can mix this up like a meatloaf and freeze in meal size patties depending on the chart at the bottom of the page.


The only thing missing in either of these recipes is bone. Bone is full of many needed minerals and also serves as fiber for a dog.

Please give your dog a meaty bone several times a week. A chicken neck is enough for a small dog and a chicken back is excellent for all other dogs.

Now if all this sounds like a pain in the behind, I promise, once you get used to it you won't think so.

While these are perfectly acceptable raw dog food recipes, I no longer use them. Instead I buy meat, organs, tripe and bones in bulk and toss them in a bowl twice a day.

It's a wonderful feeling to know I'm giving my dog the best nutrition there is.  And real raw nutrition leads to real health!

Raw Dog Food Recipe #3

Whole Chicken Pieces

Since my dog is about 75 pounds she can eat good size portions and bigger bones than some dogs. Here's a quick one.

  • One chicken leg quarter bone in
  • One chicken liver
  • One chicken heart

For a much smaller dog it could be:

  • one chicken wing
  • one chicken liver
  • one chicken heart or gizzard or both

Raw Dog Food Recipe #4
The Worst Recipe I've Ever Seen!

What's terrible about this recipe? First of all it is NOT a raw dog food recipe because much of it is cooked! Cooking kills all the goodness a dog needs. And there is no organ meat which dogs must have since there are different fats, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, in each part of an animal.

And white rice has no place in a healthy dog diet.  I nearly cried when I ran across this on YouTube because the woman claims this is all she ever feeds her dogs.

I want to be sure you know better.

  • 5lbs of Ground Beef
  • 9 hard boiled Eggs (with the shells)
  • 3 cups of White Rice

Raw Feeding Guide Amounts Per Day

The Best Dog Supplements

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