Free Raw Dog Food Recipes

My free raw dog food recipes are simple and rewarding. No scales or long ingredient list. I also share what common foods actually promote disease.

Should vegetables and raw eggs be a part of your dogs raw food diet? After much study, the truth may surprise you.Should vegetables and raw eggs be a part of your dogs raw food diet?

After living with dogs for 50 years (yikes!) and helping clients for over a decade, I've found adding a few key supplements can take dog health to a whole new level. I'm thrilled to share that my 75 pound Lulu is in her 15th year and still nuzzling me when it's time to get up so she can run around the back yard. Yup, she runs without soreness, arthritis or any of that stuff we attribute to old age.

As the famous Charlotte Gerson was fond of saying:  “The underlying causes of disease are toxicity and nutritional deficiency. That’s it. And when the body gets what it needs, it heals itself.” 

Once you get used to it, it's simple and the difference in your dog will probably astound you.Before I get to the recipes, it's important to know what NOT to give your dog and why.

Grains, Starches & Carbohydrates, Oh My!!

None of these are good for dogs. Period.

Yet many raw feeders continue to add them to their pups food thinking they are somehow needed. Either a leftover from commercial dog foods that pretend they have value when in fact, they are simply there to enable making those little nugget shapes.


Because some of these are good for humans who should eat a LOT of plant based foods.

What are they?

Grains including corn, oats, wheat, rice, millet, sorghum

High carbohydrate, starchy foods. Especially potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peas, green beans, carrots 

Side Effects of Grains, Carbs & Starches

Simply put, they all cause inflammation, the precursor to all disease.

They are also converted to sugar, stress the pancreas and increase the chances of diabetes. I know this first hand.

The 9-year-old dog I had to give up in my divorce was put on a high grain/carb/starch diet and within 12 months she was blind and died shortly afterward of diabetes.

The 6-year-old I kept (and didn't feed those things) is now in her 15th year.

To top it off:

The following conditions can be caused or aggravated by these foods:

  • Skin conditions including hot spots, itching, redness etc.
  • Yeast and fungal imbalance such as dog ear yeast infections and skin conditions
  • Inflammation anywhere inside or outside of the body

Sounds like most of what we visit the vet for doesn't it?

Fast food on the fly. Just this once, Kurby (my son's dog) was allowed a quick raw food meal replacement when my son was called into work for an emergency.

What is a BARF Diet for Dogs?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for dogs consists of:

Meat, organs, bones (and the various fats they contain), eggs, fish and stuff most humans don't eat like feet, green unbleached tripe, heads or whatever odd things you find.

As an odd example, I had a cat named Roscoe back when I fed kibble. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and had a thing for heads. He'd hunt in the nearby field and I'd find headless mice and voles on the porch. Interestingly, Roscoe made it 17 years before the side effects of kibble took him out.

Raw Dog Food Recipes Overview

You don't have to special order food online. I'm going to give you a few easy recipes from things at the grocery store to simplify your life. These are so easy to change up that one recipe can become 10 or more.

The first recipes are mixes you can make in batches and freeze in serving size containers. This is good for small dogs or those Type A personalities who like to have everything done in advance.

Other recipes and pictures are made daily and what I feed my Lulu. Because she's over 70 pounds I can keep 6-10 pounds of ingredients in the fridge and put them together at mealtime which I like. Makes me feel kind of creative.

And rather than making each meal perfect, I believe in balance over time. After all, I don't eat the perfect meal each time either. Do you?

Raw Dog Food Recipe #1
Boneless Meat Patties

  • 5 lbs ground chicken/ turkey/ beef/ lamb/pork (combine any 2 or more)
  • 1 lb liver/kidney/gizzards cut up (combine any)*
  • 1 can water packed sardines
  • 4 raw organic free range eggs with shell for Omega 3's and shell calcium content

Mix it well and store in fridge or freezer. It will look like a meatloaf. Easy peasy.

NOTE: This simple recipe lacks raw bone so add appropriate bone sized for your dog 3 to 4 times a week.

Bone contains minerals and are a good source of fiber for dogs and help keep those teeth pearly white.

Good small bones: chicken wings and necks (for a very small dog you can cut the wings and necks into 3 pieces and serve just one piece).

*Often chicken gizzards come in packages with hearts. Heart is wonderful but it is a muscle meat, not organ meat so adjust accordingly.

This guide shows amount PER DAY not per meal.

Raw Dog Food Patties Recipe #2

This is basically a smaller batch than above but it's also a bit more punch because we're using beef heart* as the main muscle meat so there are different nutritional components than the first recipe.

Let's go with a small batch here in case you have tiny dog or want to give raw a trial run:

  • 1 lb.  beef heart
  • 1/3 lb (3.2 oz) chicken livers, kidney, gizzards combined
  • 1 raw organic free range egg with shell for Omega 3 and calcium 
  • Again, you can mix this up like a meatloaf and freeze in meal size patties depending on the chart.

    (Recipe #3)
    The Basic Recipe I Live By



    • 1 chicken leg or thigh with bone
    • Ground beef or turkey
    • Liver, kidney or both
    • NAE supplements


    • boneless chicken breast
    • beef kidney
    • chicken feet
    • NAE supplements

    If the portions look too small, I'll add an egg or give her a bit more in the next meal.

    Now let's look at how you can create your own using regular grocery store items without it costing an arm and a leg. (I mention that because it bugs the crap out of me when someone tells me they can't afford to feed raw. If I did it when I was on Food Stamps, anyone can do it.)

    Create Your Own Raw Dog Food Recipes

    Now that I've been feeding raw for over a decade I don't need to measure and I can buy two or three weeks worth at a time at the grocery store. I check out what's on sale so I might get a big package of either:

    •   pork or beef ribs ($2.19 lb)
    •  10 lb chicken leg quarters (69 cents a lb)

    Either of those cover the amount of bone she'll need.

    For boneless meat there are often:

    • 10 lbs chicken breasts ($1.99 lb)
    • 10 lbs boneless chicken thighs ($1.99)
    • Beef or pork roast ($2.29 lb or less)
    • 10 lbs hamburger 20% fat ($2.10 lb)

    For organ meat:

    • Whole kidneys ($1.20 - $2.00 each)
    • Calf liver ($3.50 lb)
    • Chicken liver (I forgot but it's not much)

    Other good stuff:

    • Chicken feet I find once a month or so ($2.20 lb)
    • Chicken gizzards and or hearts ($2.00)

    I used to feed a lot more variety which included fresh green tripe, and everything my hunting son had left in his freezer for too long like duck, goose, lake fish, deer. 

    Sadly, where I live now the local raw feeders are paying $5.00 to $7.00 a pound. I'll show you a picture at the bottom so you can see the possibilities if you're willing to pay  between $225 and $300 a month to feed a 70 lb dog.

    My monthly cost is around $60 plus superior human grade supplements that balance out nutrients and much more.

    This raw dog food meal is from Debbie Martin, one of my long time clients and favorite people on the planet. She has a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback (also named Lulu). Anyway, we've got ground beef, beef heart, quail egg, chicken heart, gizzards, sardine piece, coconut oil. Debbie's Lulu is the only dog I've ever heard of who doesn't do well with chicken eggs!
    This raw dog food combo is from Tina, one of my very first clients long ago. She plans her meals out like nobody's business since she has 4 big dogs. If you really get into it you might get your dogs their own freezer like Tina did.
    Here's Tina's freezer. She finds great deals and buys volume. And yes she admits to being a type A personality.
    Here's my own freezer of raw dog food. I will never be like Tina and that's just fine with me.
    Another raw meal from Tina. Pork, tripe, fresh sardine, liver, coconut oil.

    If You Can Go All Out

    Last raw dog food recipe picture and then we'll get to supplements. I don't know Michelle Short personally. We're in the same raw feeders group and when she posted this one I was so impressed, I wanted to share what you can do without a budget.

    There's a few things in there I wouldn't bother with but it sure looks like a gourmet meal doesn't it?

    Raw Feeding Guide Amounts Per Day

    Why You Should Supplement

    I know this has been a very long page but I really want to help you get started on the path of health and longevity for your special dog.

    The reason to supplement is that the body is amazing and able to self heal from many things if we keep it balanced and nutrition is just part of the package.

    There are things to help the body that I won't do without for my Lulu so I use specific herbal supplements to keep her organs healthy and get rid of the sneaky toxins we all have whether we know it or not.

    Learn more on this website at The Best Dog Supplements

    Tips and Tricks

    • I do not weigh or measure Lulu's food. I measured a few times and then started using a bowl with lines on it.
    • Vary the meat you use even if you can only get chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Each animal and each part of their body has different nutrients. You don't need a scientific breakdown, just switch it up.
    • If Lu gets a big raw meaty bone she knows she must eat it on her own rug or I will snatch it away.
    • If your local grocer doesn't carry things like beef heart or kidney chances are good you can order them in the meat department. I order whole kidneys and slice them up. Average cost for a whole kidney that lasts a week? About $1.50

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    Important Notice

    I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

    To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.