The Retractable Dog Leash & Why It Should Be Outlawed

Why do I quickly change direction when I see a canine on a retractable dog leash coming toward us? Talk about a big red flag that says danger.

Why? Because dogs are suppose to be under our control. That's what the leash law is all about. You know, to avoid them running into the street and getting hit by a car or running up to person or another dog and jumping on them which may be seen as an aggressive act and end up in a skirmish, or worse. A dog fight.

The farther your dog is from you the less control you have over him. It cost one of my neighbors a broken nose to realize this fact. Another neighbor claims she uses it because she can't control her dog. Hello?

Why use a retractable dog leash? We love to walk together.I love walking WITH my dog

Why do I have to suffer because other dog owners are too lazy to learn how to walk a dog? Unlike my neighbor who talks on her cell phone while her ten pound dog pulls her by a 15 foot lead all over the neighborhood, I love walking with my dog.

It's a bonding time. No phone or music allowed. Just two best friends enjoying the outdoors and the camaraderie, until we see a retractable dog leash with a human on one end not paying attention. Time to turn around at the park or cross the street if we're downtown.

And how can anyone feel like they're with their dog if they're 10, 15 or 20 feet apart?

Now that you know how I feel about it do I have any real reasons to want them banned?

The Retractable Dog Leash and
Dog Safety

Okay we basically have a wire between us and our dogs. What could go wrong?

  1. Since some retractable dog leashes are over 20 feet long our dogs can get into a dangerous situation while we are too far away to help.
  2. If the mechanism stops retracting and the leash is tight grabbing that wire can lead to burns, cuts or even amputation in a worst case scenario.
  3. What happens to an object the leash gets wrapped around? I know of two dogs who accidentally killed a third dog while playing with him. Pure torture for the dog owner and all those involved.
  4. If the leash breaks and it swings back at you . . . uh oh! Especially for the face.
  5. And as I mentioned in the beginning, if a dog gets to the end of 'his rope' and keeps going, you can be pulled off your feet because that time and distance gave the dog momentum. My neighbor with the broken nose was also scraped badly on her forearms, face and knees.

The Retractable Leash and Dog Behavior

A retractable dog leash is not an answer to bad dog behavior. It's unfortunate that this mode of restraint has been abused to the point that they are no longer allowed on the trails shared by walkers, runners and bicyclists near my home in Minnesota. It's also unfortunate that people ignore the rules putting bicyclists in danger and keeping me and my dog from using them.

And last but not least, it's a shame that the few people who use this type of restraint with a very well behaved dog who stays near them without ever pulling, have to hear people like me whine.

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