Roundworms in Dogs
The Puppy Worm

Roundworms in dogs are the most common canine internal parasite and nearly every puppy is born with them. Thus the name puppy worms. Before you consider killing the parasites, let's talk.

How puppy worms happen at birth

Not only are dewormers too strong for puppies, you may not need them at all. Why?

Unless a puppy is debilitated, intestinal worms do not cause a problem and the puppy may even outgrow this type of intestinal parasite by six months of age.

Health through nutrition is the best defense.

If a puppy fails to thrive, appears potbellied or has constant diarrhea, then have his stool tested by a veterinarian.

It could be roundworms or it may even been canine coccidia.

If results are positive, be sure to ask the following:

  1. What type of worm was found?
  2. Is the parasitic infestation light, medium or heavy?

Should you choose to use a conventional dog worm medicine because you have an older dog, once should be enough, especially if you follow up with a healthy diet which leaves the intestines inhospitable for roundworms in dogs.

How Does Puppy Roundworm Happen?

During the stress of pregnancy, dormant cysts break open in an infected mother which allow roundworms to gain access to the fetus. Puppies can also be infected through their mother shortly after birth.

Why a Pot Belly?

Roundworms in dogs consume protein. Protein helps keep fluid in the blood vessels but a protein deficiency leads to leakage into the abdomen, making it distended. There would have to be quite an infestation to cause this.

An Ugly Sight

Roundworms are visible as white, squiggly spaghetti-like strings in the feces or vomit and usually only affect dogs up to six months old or unhealthy senior dogs.

I have never seen roundworms. In 30+ years of dog ownership none of my dogs have been diagnosed with them. It doesn't mean they haven't had them at all, just that if they did, they were few, undetected and posed no threat.

Do You use Dewormers on a Regular Basis?

I shudder every time I meet someone who feels the need to use dewormers on a regular basis as a precaution and avoid a trip to the vet. Don't we bombard our dogs with enough stuff already?

On a a regular basis, we inject them with disease through vaccination; make them absorb poisons through flea and tick sprays, shampoos and medications; and make them ingest poisons and toxins through heartworm medicine and lousy food. We need to adjust our thinking.

There is a saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Long ago, my mother taught me that meant lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural foods, exercise and sunshine.

It seems with modern medicine we are giving a pound of cure for an ounce of disease.

Now if you haven't been there, please see Dog Dewormer for natural dog dewormers and prevention of worms, heartworm and fleas all in one.

To your dog's health!

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