Sheila and Max

by Sheila Young
(Quincy, MA)

My beloved Maxx was diagnosed 2 yrs ago---Hemangiosarcoma. The prognosis was not good. The Vet gave him 2 - 6 months to live. I was determined to give him the best 2 - 6 months any dog has ever had.

Well it's 2 years later and Maxx has continually amazed me and the doctors. He always rallied. His appetite was great. He buried stuff in my houseplants and even kept the cat on his toes. We went to the doctors today.

Maxx is tired of fighting, tired of struggling to show everyone what he can still do. On Monday, I will bring him in for his final visit. I will say goodbye to my "puppy".

I love him too much to let him go but even more---I love him too much to make him stay.

~ ~ ~

Oh Sheila, bless you. Your last line made me break down and cry.

I'm so glad you have been there for Max and I know he is too. You have made your time together count and that's what it's all about. I'll be thinking of both of you ...and that Rainbow Bridge is getting another sweetheart.

Thank you for sharing.

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