My Favorite Stay at Home Job
How Three Little Pitties Started

Andrea Partee author pose taken at my stay at home job

My favorite stay at home job began with a dream to help, educate and entertain. I decided my own website was the way to go but I had a lot to learn before I could help others learn about dog health.

While I did know a lot about improving dog health and how to help my own dogs with better foods, a few herbs and homeopathic remedies,  when it came to building this website I was totally clueless! Plus I was afraid because I was in uncharted waters for little me. (I don't know about you but I always feel insecure when doing something new.)

I wanted to give up about a hundred times but whenever I'd hear about sick dogs or dogs dying at two or three or five years old from disease I wanted to scream, especially since I knew in my heart it was most likely caused by the vaccines, foods and drugs these poor dogs had been given.

I couldn't bear to tell someone they had ruined their dog's health and compromised his immune system by what they were doing and that many times even vets don't know the full implications of what they give their patients.

The bottom line is ignorance. After all, we love our dogs and do our best. So, every time I'd hear a sad story, it sent me back to try again so I could reach people like you and so we can all do better for our dogs and maybe even let it spill over to us since we don't need to have disease, aches or pains either.

You may still find some of my pages kind of voiceless, meaning facts without my personality in them. It's been a process to learn how to explain things my own way and be comfortable.

About the time Three Little Pitties turned four I realized how much I had changed. Not only have I been able to help lots of dogs and make new friends doing it, but building a website is now second nature. That's a good thing because I keep learning new things and have more to share all the time.

How I got my own website

How did I learn how to build my own website? I found an excellent company I'd never seen advertised. They have how to videos and books,  website building tools and an awesome hosting company and their own forums all rolled into one.

I'm going to tell you who they are in case you have a dream to help others, want to grow as a person or grow your own business instead of working at a job you really don't like or want something to fuel your retirement income. Turns out its kinda fun.

And it has reminded me life really is an adventure. After four years of writing this website it dawned on me my writing had improved so much and I'd learned so much about life on the internet, I decided to take the plunge and self publish my humor books. Meet Andrea Partee, Author. This just goes to show you never know what new opportunities will arise when you push yourself a bit out of your comfort zone.

Now if I can just get the boss of my stay at home job to relax a little, life will be perfect. She tends to push me to be the best I can be.  (-;

So here is one of my favorite shorts on the company I use and love. Check it out and then come back here.

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Am I going to try to sell you something? Heck no. But I am going to tell you who taught me how to do all this, which might turn into a big favor for you. Depends on how you look at it I think.

If you've ever pondered a website of your own, or wanted a stay at home job, here are some questions for you.

  •  Do you find information or misinformation you think you could do differently? Do better?
  • Is there something you know a lot about but might even think it's insignificant?
  • Is there something you've failed at and know exactly how NOT to do it? 
  • What is your passion?
  • Is there something that would make you feel fulfilled, if you could just do it?
  • Would you like to have a tool to help you decide what your profitable interests are?
  • Do you have a product you want to sell but don’t know how to find the right buyers?
  • Do you want a stay at home job to be there for your kids or your dogs? (Personally I love staying with the dogs.)

There is work to be done in having an online business, but a stay at home job cuts down on your commute immensely! Websites take some time to build, but what if you had a splendid teacher who gave you the real tools to build one that gets results from Google, Bing and Yahoo? Every time I see a commercial for those website building hosts that say, “Build it and get found”, I cringe wondering how many people fall for that and never get a visitor, especially when I found myself dancing around the first time my monthly pages read topped 46,000.

There are intricacies to getting found. After all, you don’t have years to wait and hope do you? Of course not. You need tools to help you. You need the knowledge of someone who has done it, done it well and not only shares that knowledge, but revels in your success.

SBI (Site Build It) dominates the top 3% of all leading websites. I can’t think of any other school that provides you with the tools to create a business plan and an actual business as you learn, plus host your website and hold your hand along the way for less than $30 a month. You go at your own pace, whether it’s part time or full time.

Oh, and my personal story before I became an entrepreneur? You can find that at a page I call Lifes Lessons. It's kind of embarrassing but what the heck, as long as we're learning and growing, life is good.

Now if I can just get my boss to relax a little, life will be perfect. She tends to push me to be the best I can be.  (-;

If having your own business intrigues you why don't you take the

Sitesell Video Tour

You won't see them advertised. Instead they let us happy SBIers share why we love them so much along with our stay at home job.

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