Staying Home?
Now You Know How the Dog Feels

Most of us are feeling stuck staying home. It's not fun, but it's a good chance to have quality time with the dog you love. Especially now that we know how sad they can get without us.

What's A Normal Dog Day Look Like?

Wake up and go for a walk. Eat breakfast. Say good bye when you go to work. Sniff around; look out the window; clean her paws; take a nap.

Repeat the sniffing, cleaning and napping until you get home.

And THEN you arrive and she's full of energy while you are not. You just want to sit down but she's been waiting all day for this. She's READY.  Ready for something. Ready for anything. To play, to walk, to bark, to eat.

Of course your glad to see your girl but..... you'd probably rather just sit down and chill for awhile. . . .

Now You Know About Staying Home

Now that you've been on lockdown because of the Pandemic or Plandemic or whatever it is, you are restless, bored and want to eat all the time. You wish you could social distance yourself from the refrigerator and the snack cupboard. You wonder if boredom has something to do with your dog begging for food all the time.

Either way,  you now know how your dog feels. She's been doing this for months or years so you can  have a better appreciation of your baby because she's been putting up with this for so long. You'll remember this right?

Oh let's please remember this.

As a dog health coach, I work at home but Lulu's days aren't much different that most dogs. Yes, she has company but she lays at my feet a good part of the day and night as I work on the computer messaging clients and getting orders shipped to them.

I have to remember to stop and give her my undivided attention.

Give her a good rubdown   Go in the yard with her. If I jump on the trampoline to get the blood flowing again, she often runs circles. If I read a book in the sun, she sunbathes nearby (and I pretend that counts because the truth is, we're joined at the hip. She rarely spends time in the yard alone).

And if I have a day where I get caught up and don't give her one-on-one time? She barks at me. Yup, she does. She will actually bark and try to get me to chase her 75 pound petiteness.

And if I leave the house she tends show her sad face her in the window watching me go.

 I actually tell her how long I'll be gone when I leave and I think she gets it. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but here's how it works. I say one of these three things:

  1. I'll be right back (2-20 min)
  2. I Won't be too long  (30 - 90 min)
  3. I'll see you later (over 3 hours)

Here's what I think is funny. If I say see you later, 90% of the time she heads into my bedroom closet! It's the only time she goes in there.

Okay, let me get back on the topic of being forced to stay home and some ideas of things to do with your dog.

The Fun Physical

  Give her a fun physical (Pet  and rub her all over. While she's getting attention, you are looking or feeling for dryness, lumps, bumps and scabs. She may even fall asleep and snore like my Helen used to.

While rubbing and or scratching do you feel any dirt particles (especially at the base of the tail)?  Double check for flea feces, so you'll know if need to  put diatomaceous earth into the carpets.

Have the brush nearby? Good. Brush her to get the loose hair and stimulate the release of skin oils.

While you're telling her how wonderful she is, rub her ears and look inside. Check for redness and cleanliness. Dirty ears? Use a q-tip but don't put it down near the eardrum.

Look and feel her paws. Feel between those toes. Do you  need to take out the  nail clippers?  

Pull up those lips and check the teeth and gum color or stick a finger in his mouth and feel for any chipped or broken teeth. Some dogs love getting a gum massage. And it's also good that your dog is used to human fingers in her mouth. Trust is imperative. You could save his life at some point by being able to get objects out.

Play a Game!

If you haven't done hide and seek, you should.

Make your dog sit and stay then go hide and call her. She'll be SOO happy when she finds you. If you want the game to go on awhile and she's food oriented, keep treats in your pocket for when she finds you.

Another game I used to do with my 5 pit bulls is have them sit and while watching me, place tiny treats in the same room. Like on a chair, by the fireplace, under the coffee table. I would do 5 to 7 treats and then let them go. Amazingly, at least with my dogs, they didn't remember them all but had to sniff them out.

Since I didn't want to stain the furniture I sometimes used air popped popcorn. A few couldn't hurt and they were so excited.

Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.