Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

Why are dog weight loss, excessive thirst and increased appetite, symptoms of canine diabetes? What part does dog pancreatitis, food and vaccines play in this dog illness.

What are the reasons behind the symptoms of canine diabetes

The Dog Pancreas

The job of the pancreas is to produce digestive enzymes and hormones. One of those pancreatic hormones is called insulin.

The purpose of insulin is to transport sugar out of the blood into the cells where it is used as energy.

Keep in mind we are not talking about the sugar that is eaten, but the form of sugar made by the body.

Digested food is broken down into glucose, a simple sugar that is the body's main source of energy, otherwise known as blood sugar.

Without insulin, the cells cannot use the food consumed by the body and will starve.

In the meantime, the blood glucose builds up in the blood and passes into the urine. The blood sugar attracts water so this is why one of the first signs or symptoms of canine diabetes is excessive urination.

This peeing (sorry, I am a slang kind of person) creates an excessive thirst, another of the dog diabetes symptoms.

Without insulin, the body cannot grow, repair itself, rid itself of toxins including oxidized cells and will slowly starve to death.

This is why after the first dog diabetes signs you will see lethargy, weakness, increased appetite and vomiting. Diabetes often provokes urinary infections, pancreatitis, liver and kidney disease and even eye problems in dogs - principally canine cataracts.

What I find interesting is reading that diabetes causes pancreatitis and then I read pancreatitis causes diabetes so let's look at the difference between the two and how they are connected.

Inflamed Pancreas or Dog Pancreatitis

Dog pancreatitis is in fact an inflamed pancreas. If the pancreas is swollen, obviously it isn't going to be able to do it's job. No matter which disease comes first, the pancreas isn't working properly. It has been overburdened with something, but what?

To read more about pancreatitis and and how to cure it, take a trip over to Dog Pancreatitis.

While there are different schools of thought on the cause of canine diabetes, all canine illnesses have the same thing in common. The absence of health.

While that is about as good an explanation as saying someone has allergies when the cause can't be pinpointed, here's the bottom line. All the following have an adverse affect on dog health.

I hope you'll read more about each and how they affect dog health. Ready?

  • Canine vaccinations I know that's a hard one to swallow for many of us, but the facts are in. If you don't read anything else about vaccines on this website, at least go to vaccine side effects where I let you in on my personal grief.
  • Lack of nutrition and high levels of chemicals, sugars and preservatives in commercial pet foods. I can't believe I fed my dogs extruded dog food for so long. Yuck.
  • Dog drugs have side effects, plus the body uses an incredible amount of energy trying to filter them out.

I just thought of something else to share. This one even surprised me. The reason for dog swelling anywhere is actually the first stage of healing! Yup. Head over to the Cause of Inflammation so I can explain it. I'll do my best not to be boring.

Is There a Cure?

Patients with the proper diabetes diet, do much better than those without. By sticking to a nutritious dog food plan of healthy homemade dog food and regular exercise (See treatment) insulin doses may be lowered. Dr. Martin Goldstein in The Nature of Animal Healing says he has eliminated diabetes in 1 out of 3 cats through diet and homeopathy. While he hasn't had as good results with food and homeopathy for dogs, their condition still improves.

I've learned how to help with diet and herbs as well, whether a dog has symptoms of canine diabetes or the full blown disease.

I believe the further we get off the natural path, especially with processed foods, we are creating an internal environment that makes the body work itself far too hard trying to convert these non-foods to energy leaving it weak and ripe for disease to take over.

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