The Greatest German Sherperd I had the Priviledge to Own!

by Karen

My Friend Seth

My Friend Seth

My husband and I bought retirement property in Georgia. I knew that I would be driving several times from Maryland to northwest Georgia to build the house.

Stopping at a friend's farm in Virginia for a visit, I met someone. She breeds the best German Shepherd dogs. While on a tour of the farm, at the last kennel was a large German Shepherd. I asked if he could come out of the kennel. Barbara responded "Seth? I'll let him out."

Seth immediately came to me and stayed with me. When it was time for me to leave, I asked Barbara if I could have him. She responded that he had been abused so she bought him back but that he had bitten two people. I immediately took him home with me.

When we arrived in Maryland, my husband saw two long legs exit the truck and responded "Oh! no!”

Seth was afraid of my husband and it took some time for Seth to accept and trust my husband.

Seth was my companion on the trips to Georgia to build the home. No one bothered me, while en route or at the motel. Seth and my husband became friends. My husband took him for walks around the lake in Maryland and to the park in Georgia.

Seth befriended our Sheltie and became his companion, ever watchful for predators.

Seth was the best watchdog; he would sleep at my side but patrol the house at night.

When my husband had hernia surgery, he slept in the recliner in the den. During the night, the blanket came off of my husband’s feet and he debated whether to stay cold or be in pain and cover his feet. Seth solved the problem; he pulled the blanket over my husband's feet, maintained a patrol and then rejoined me in the bedroom. Seth maintained his control over the property. The mailman, FedX and neighbors all respected his territory.

Just before Christmas, Seth's health problems began. His hind legs were weak and he had problems walking. The Vet diagnosed that arthritis, hip problems and severe nerve damage were causing him to suffer. We tried everything that modern medicine had to offer to no avail. On Jan.14th he stopped eating and I knew that we had to end his suffering. He was put to sleep and cremated.

~ ~ ~

Karen, I am so glad you had Seth in your life. There's nothing like the safety you feel with a big dog you know is watching out for you.

I can't help but think it was destiny that you found each other when and how you did. It wouldn't surprise me either if he's watching out for you from Rainbow Bridge.

Bless you both,


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