The Legendary Mike Crosby

by Courtney
(Trumbull, CT)

Mike was my 12 year old baby boy. He was a beautiful boston terrier I rescued! It was just the two of us until "we" got married and then there were 3 of us. I am a teacher so he made his yearly trips into school. EVERY kid knew him. He was a gently loving guy who just wanted to be touched and loved. Mike was a trooper his entire life. His body was never good to him. He had one eye left, maybe three teeth and a body full of tumors. It was time and he told me he was going to be okay. May 5th - used to be a good day (my husband actually proposed on that day 3 years prior, but now it has become a sad day. Mike knew what he was doing. He fulfilled his earthly duty and I can't wait to hold him again!

~ ~ ~

I love your title Courtney and I'll add just one tiny thought. Maybe after a time you can think of of May 5th as Mike's day of independence (Cinco de Mayo). His freedom from the pain of his earthly body. You know he's at Rainbow Bridge and you'll see him again. In the meantime, his love is still with you.


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