Tips on Dog Foods and Treats

Ever heard  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" or "You are what you eat?" It's time we apply that to our dogs with some tips on dog foods and treats.

By the way, that apple a day is for humans, not dogs.

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What was I saying in the video about ingredients?

Here are the first 5 real ingredients from a fairly expensive dog food:

Chicken, Potato, Yellow Peas, Pea Protein Concentrate, Potato Starch,

Okay, you see the chicken and may stop there but since each ingredient is listed in proportion here's how it might work.

chicken 20%
potato 18% (useless for dogs and promotes diabetes)
yellow peas 16% (useless for dogs)
pea protein concentrate 15% (useless for dogs)
potato starch 14% (useless for dogs)

While the chicken meat would still account for 20% - the starches added together would be 63%. Not much meat for a carnivore is it? By the way potato starch has no nutritional value for anyone. Period.

The Ultimate
Tips on Dog Foods and Treats

If ...

  • you've ever wondered what all those ingredients are that you can't pronounce.
  • you've every wondered what the word "flavor" is on the label
  • you've ever wondered what scientifically formulated is
  • you think dog biscuits clean teeth
  • you think the words "all natural" mean what you think
  • you think kibble made from fish is safe
  • it shocks you there are many dog foods with a rubber stabilizer as an ingredient
  • you're surprised that a weed pre-emergent is a common additive

This is where my courses come in. They include written, video and an entire audio version you can download.

I want to give you the tools to help prevent this stuff and nutrition is always the cornerstone of dog health. Always!

When enrollment begins, as always, I'll let my members know through email, or, you can simply reply to any of my newsletters to get on the waiting list for the next open enrollment.

In the meantime, check out the landing pages where I have more tips on dog foods and treats just for checking it out.

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And here's a good website page on no grain dog food, just click on the link. There are other interesting pages linked from that page as well.

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P.S. Here is a video transcript for my deaf and hard of hearing dog loving friends . . .

Hi, you made it to the third video. I'm glad. I'm glad you're here. This one should be kinda fun because I have an audience but first I want to say if you missed the first two videos please go back.

Now in fleas I made the comment that you are what you eat. You know, after that infestation I found myself learning a LOT more. Doing a lot more. Reading a lot more. I just absolutely got absorbed with everything. I started with Dr. Marty Goldstein and he will always be a favorite. I also like much about Dr. Roger Pitcairn,  Dr. Karen Becker  and Dogs Naturally Magazine. Not just because I've written for Dogs Naturally Magazine but because I like the editor Dana Scott. In fact I'll share a bit of an interview I did with her a few years back when we get to the vaccines video.

Today, when I said I have an audience, that audience is my dog Lulu. Today I want to talk about you are what you eat because we don't think about it enough.  Whatever you ingest, whatever you feed your dog, will be what the cells are made of. { Seriously, would YOU like YOUR cells made up of a candy bar or a fresh organic salad? }

All of our organs are rebuilt over time because we're constantly renewing cells, constantly rebuilding and without the right foods to build, you're not going to have a healthy body and that's what had happened to my dogs with the flea infestation.

What happened you see was I was in a really bad way. My business had  gone kaput  {Love your family but don't go into business with them } and I was on foodstamps. My dogs had been eating really inexpensive kibble when the flea infestation happened and I had to save them. I just ...

Anyway, I ended up sharing my foodstamps with my dogs and please don't tell anyone { Foodstamps don't grow on trees either. I had about $8 a day for food for 8 of us }  but they needed real food.

Now, I brought some props in with me and when I said I had Lulu as the audience it's because she saw the props and now she's heard her name so she's  sitting off to the side  watching and chomping at the bit.  Now I think she'll be good because she usually is;  but if you hear barking or the camera knocks over, you'll know who it was.

Okay, so how will I go about this you are what you eat thing? Here's 2 props and think about dog food and what's actually in that stuff. Would you rather your dog   (She holds up a big bag of white flour) eat a stripped flour based food or a meat based food (She holds up a chicken drumstick) . You know there's a big difference and just because it says chicken on the label doesn't mean there's much of any in there. And of course there's a lot of tricks of the trade but I probably won't get into much until class since there's so much of it.

Anyway, I want you to picture those two things because this is hugely important.  We get sidetracked thinking about "scientifically formulated food" and  its not so much so. And another one would be treats. This is the same thing. Do you read the ingredients on the dog biscuits or the dog chews or do you know what's in them?  I'm not talking about the pictures. Have you researched it? I have spent months and months trying to figure out, to decipher  what all the ingredients really are. { Never assume something is healthy }
Which ones are real vitamins, which ones are synthetic and what the other ingredients really are.  {Beware of the words . . . natural, real, recommended and flavor }  

Here's another one on treats (she rifles through a bag you can't see). You really really need to know what is in a treat so here's another example and this one is going to do me in.   (she holds up a Thomas English muffin) Sorry I don't have any Milk Bones or anything because they're not allowed in the house; or this (she holds up a raw meaty rib bone). This is a raw rib bone. It's a beef rib bone and it's full of calcium, phosphorus and it will help her clean her teeth. Yes, I know there is bacteria but guess what, her stomach can take it. Hold on for a second while I wipe my hand off because what we're going to do is I'm going to let Lulu have this. You know whenever I do a video she is right here by my side but right now I wish you could see her face. She's staring patiently and intently and I can't move the camera or it'll get all wobbly and make you dizzy. So anyway, I'm going to go ahead and give her this. Come on over here honey. (the camera jiggles while Andrea stares at it waiting for it to fall). Okay, sit. Sit. good girl and Lulu leaves the room.

Where was I? Food. You are what you eat. I totally forgot. Wait. Seriously the additives make a lot of difference. The vitamins make a lot of difference. If you read the list of ingredients on dog food or dog treats, you probably won't recognize about 90% of it. Like reading Greek {And don't think you are stupid because you can't pronounce them } It's because they're not real. We all need to understand what they are and just because meat, say, is the first ingredient or chicken - those two things can be profoundly different. Meat can be anything which is an ugly trick and you can find more on the website. Let's just say chicken is the first ingredient and then wheat or corn. Oh wait, grains are bad so now we've switched to carbs. But guess what. Both are carbs. So let's say it's chicken, then potatoes, then  peas and then another root crop. Because ingredients are listed in the order of their percentages the trick is adding the next ingredients up after the meat and you find they far outweigh the meat. In fact the meat may be a very small amount. That's just one way we are fooled.

Guess what? When I finally changed my dogs diet. When I finally started giving them raw? They got better and eventually I understood that healthy dogs don't get fleas. Fleas are parasites and go after a weak host. { Fleas are literally attracted to less healthy dogs. 2 dogs exposed at the same time and 1 can pick up dozens of fleas and the other none. }

Oh! There's just so much I want to teach you about all this stuff and it's hard but there are hundreds of pages on the website so take advantage of them. Now go give your dog something really good, like a raw bone so you don't have to worry about teeth cleaning. Ohhhh, I have to talk about teeth cleaning since I mentioned it. I'll put it on the list. I'll talk to you in a few days. { Wait til you hear her say "Hug your dog". Sounds like Hog ur Dawg. } 

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