The Titer Test
and Your Dog's Vaccination Schedule

What is a Titer test? Does every dog need one? Is it painful? Find out what every dog owner should know about testing, how it can change your dog vaccination schedule and improve your dog's health.

The truth is, the more vaccines your dog receives, the more he is at risk for side effects, canine illnesses and degenerative disease, especially with combination vaccines.

What's a Titer and How is the Test Done?

Blood is drawn and the level of antibodies against each disease is measured. Generally, the higher the number of antibodies, the more immunity your dog has to a particular disease.

Here is a quote from Antech Diagnostics, one of the leading U.S. diagnostic laboratories:

"In the intervening years between booster vaccinations, and in the case of geriatric pets, circulating humoral immunity against the clinically important infectious agents can be evaluated by measuring serum vaccine antibody titers as an indication of the presence of immune memory. Titers do not distinguish between immunity generated by vaccination and/or exposure to disease agents, although the magnitude of immunity produced just by vaccination is usually lower."

Why Ask for a Titer Test and is it Expensive?

Short term, it is cheaper to pay for dog shots, but its your dogs health at stake. Over vaccination has become a major problem, and we now realize that many if not most degenerative diseases are actually side effects of vaccines. With that in mind, getting the titer test is far cheaper than  weeks, months or years of treatment for maladies that make our dogs miserable and shorten their lives.

The responsibility of your dog's health is a joint effort between you and your vet. Ask questions! If you don't understand something, ask!

If your vet is evolving toward the holistic veterinary community, he or she will cheerfully agree to draw blood for this test. If he or she tells you there is no scientific proof that the test is 100% accurate, you can smile and ask for scientific proof that revaccinating works because there isn't any.

Remember you are a team that is working together for your dog's health and well being. Some vets enjoy keeping up to date and learning new strategies. For others, it takes them out of their comfort zone. They would prefer to stay with the way they have always done things. If your vet falls into the second category, it may be time to find a new vet.

Also remember, as a team, it is up to you watch for signs of illness. Be observant. When your dog is sick, write down all the symptoms before you go to the vet and how long they have been going on.

And of course you can always do a site search here for dog health problems because there are many things you can safely treat at home.

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