To every thing there is a season, a time to be born...

by Lisa Mayfield
(Yucaipa,CA USA)

His name was Rocky. A bull mastiff/lab, he was pure black and pure love! I got him when he was 7 weeks old. Standing on all fours once he grew up he came up to my hip and weighed about 170 pounds. He was my baby and I never even so much as raised my voice at him.

Spoiling him beyond reason, he was an inside dog all his life and I gave him everything he wanted.

He slept on the couch with his pillow and sheets and plenty of stuffed animals. He would bark at me if he wanted something and he was the boss, but whenever it stormed he was so afraid so we would be both be on the bed and he would wrap his paw around my shoulder and I would wrap my arm around his! He was so afraid of the thunderstorms! Even when shaking, I would talk to him and hold him and kiss him!

We would go check the mail together every day and I would see to it he get something so he could carry it in his mouth inside the house, sometimes a real bill if there was nothing else because he had to carry something!

When anyone came over he would always run and go get his stuffed animal to play tug of war.

I loved him with all my heart and soul but I feel I loved him to death because I fed him hamburgers, french fries, bacon and eggs and gave him breakfast in bed with a plate that I would hold while he ate. I even boiled ham hocks. I fed him all the wrong foods and even made him hand homemade dinner rolls that took me hours!

My heart broke when I found him dead in the yard Jan 15th 2009.

While I will never know what really happened or who did it, the vet said he had been poisoned.

I still cry for him and sometimes I feel blessed because I dream of him. I haven't had a dog since, because I am afraid of another broken heart, but I love dogs, so very much.

So please, love your babies while you can, and kiss them for me. Be grateful for every minute you have together and remember they'll be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

God bless you and your babies!...Lisa Marie

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Jul 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

Heart breaking story indeed, but all our furry friends will be waiting for that magic moment when they hear and know that we will be back together. I lost my baby Dec. 11,2006 and I miss her greatly still, time will heal while we are apart but anxious for my time to take her in my arms and never be separated again. Horsey

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