Toxic Food for Dogs
and a Surprise Dog Poison

As toxic food for dogs, are you looking for a list including chocolate, onion and garlic? I'll give you the scoop on those but more insidious things lurk, including the deadly sweetener xylitol.

I'm going to save the worst for last because it is pure poison which acts quickly, Why? Because I don't want to dilute the importance of toxic substances that take time to do damage. Many people aren't aware of them. And let's face it, once your dog has renal failure, there's nothing you can do.

You've probably seen lists of dog poisons which include foods and poisonous plants, but what we should be most concerned with are ingredients in commercial dog foods and treats.

Stay with me for a minute here. My first example is ethoxyquin. Ever heard of it? Have you checked your dog food ingredients? Please do.

Ethoxyquin while banned nearly world wide is banned only for humans in the United States. You will find it in many dog foods and treats (and it does not have to be listed).

I seemed to remember that there was ethoxyquin in Purina Beggin Strips and when I went to Purina's website I could no longer find a list of ingredients. All it said under ingredients was "Made with real bacon". I searched around some more and found Beggin Strips has their own website.

This is the kind of toxic food for dogs that takes time to see the damage. I can't even stand to look at the stories from people whose dogs have died from this junk while Purina keeps running ads and has one million 'likes' on Beggin Strips Facebook page. So sad.

For other very unhealthy stuff go to  27 Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid. Ethoxyquin has it's own paragraph there.

Pure Dog Poison - Xylitol and Dogs

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about dog health, hence this website but I was floored when I was reading some yummy healthy dessert recipes in my naturopath's holiday newsletter. At the end of the recipes she noted: While xylitol is fine for people, use the utmost care around dogs because it is highly toxic for them.

This is a woman who agrees that garlic is not generally toxic to dogs so when she said highly toxic, I went searching for some trustworthy sources on the internet. Highly toxic is right.

Here's what the Pet Poison Hotline had to say. (I wrote the title)

Dog Poison - Don't Mix Xylitol and Dogs (Signs of Poisoning List)

Oh, and about that chocolate, onion and garlic?

  • Chocolate for dogs
    I've always heard chocolate was poisonous for dogs so I was very careful to keep it away from them. Then it happened. My dog ate chocolate. She found my chocolate stash and had the time of her life. What happened? Click on my page and see. In the meantime my sister gave her dog an oreo chocolate cookie every day for the 15 years her dog lived, and she survived. Go figure.
  • Is Onion Poisonous?
    Well, I didn't hear that one until I'd fed my dogs leftovers with onions in them for 30 years, so obviously I didn't notice a problem.
  • Never give a dog garlic!
    This one irritates me every time I hear it. Garlic for dogs is a wonderful healing herb and I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't give it to my dogs! Just check the dosage for heavens sake.

In closing I have a question:

Do these ingredients sound good for your dog?

Ground wheat, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, water, ground yellow corn, sugar, glycerin, soybean meal, hydrogenated corn syrup, bacon (preserved with sodium nitrite), salt, bacon fat (preserved with BHA and citric acid)

There's more. I didn't copy the entire list but there's enough here to promote canine diabetes at least. Three sugars, two fats, some chemicals ...and this is just a partial list from Beggin Strips.

Toxic food for dogs? You'd never know it by the commercials would you?

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