Vaccine Controversy

The dog vaccine controversy should be the hottest topic on dog health there is. 

This sweet guy was mine until a vaccine killed him. Become aware.

Could vaccine side effects be the reason for 80% of your dogs visits to the vet?

The answer is yes.

Honestly, the longer I live, the less I like vaccines and they have much to do with the reason I started the Three-Little-Pitties dog health website.

Of course it took me years and years to figure it out because my vets never questioned them. Instead I got reminders in the mail that it was time to vaccinate again.

And they were called 'boosters'.

I had no idea that there was no such thing as a booster. Each time it's the same as the first. The same strength, the same dose no matter how old the dog or the size of the dog.

That means a five pound dog gets the same amount as a 150 pound dog.  (I'll explain below why that's wrong.)

All I knew was the vet's office made me feel guilty and a bad dog owner if I didn't allow them to 'protect my dog'.

I no longer have that problem. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my vets were wrong.

What Exactly is the Vaccine Controversy?

The arguments are over effectiveness, when they should be given, how often they should be give and their side effects.

Often they are called immunizations which is wrong. Just because your dog gets a vaccine, does NOT make him immune to a particular disease.

I know right? All along we have assumed a vaccine creates immunity but there are many factors.

First and foremost, a vaccine should only be given to a healthy dog. Never should a vet give a vaccine or 'boosters' when you bring your dog in with a health concern.

Never. It even says so on the bottle if the vet would let you read it.

 * * *

I can't tell you how many times people contact me about a dog health issue and when I ask if they were recently vaccinated, the answer is yes.

And once they read the list of vaccine side effects, they feel awful because no one told them.

If your dog suffers from any of these symptoms, chances are vaccines are involved:

  • Skin diseases
  • Allergies
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Autoimmune diseases, including organ disease, allergies and skin problems
  • Chronic digestive problems
  • Muscle weakness, especially lack of hind end coordination
  • Chronic digestive disorders
  • Fibrosarcoma (cancer) at the injection site
  • Behavior problems: aggression, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety and odd obsessive behaviors

The Dangers of Vaccines

I want you to know a few more things about the vaccine controversy before I end this page.

Did you know one of the dangers of vaccines is that a dog can actually get the disease from the vaccine? Vets know it's possible but I was never told, were you?

Aside from the disease itself, vaccines contain some very harmful ingredients and much of the vaccine controversy is about them. I find it incomprehensible that we can no longer purchase a thermometer with mercury because it is highly toxic, yet it is injected in us and our canines. 

And if you were to get a thimeresal-free vaccine, there are other dangerous additives.

  • Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative that is added to vials of vaccine that contain more than one dose to prevent contamination and growth of potentially harmful bacteria.
  •  Formaldehyde is used to inactivate bacterial products for toxoid vaccines, (these are vaccines that use an inactive bacterial toxin to produce immunity.) It is also used to kill unwanted viruses and bacteria that might contaminate the vaccine during production. Some formaldehyde is removed from the vaccine before it is packaged. 
  • Aluminum gels or salts of aluminum which are added as adjuvants to help the vaccine stimulate a better response. Adjuvants help promote an earlier, more potent response, and more persistent immune response to the vaccine.

Every one of those things are highly dangerous to the body and since small dogs get the same amount as a large dog, it can be devastating.

Why Once is Enough

Perhaps the biggest part of the vaccine controversy is this:

Revaccinating - whether it's yearly or triennially - has zero scientific validity behind it. I wish I'd found Dr. Ronald Shultz years ago. He's a researcher and heads the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medical School.

I refer to him often but if you question me, by all means find his research for yourself. It's easily accessible.

If you vaccinate, the key is when to vaccinate. Please see dog vaccination schedule.

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