Vaccine Side Effects
and Canine Illnesses

Besides the list of vaccine side effects, I want to share my personal story because dogs are not the only ones who have adverse reactions.

vaccine side effects happen to people and dogs

In my own life with dogs I choose to vaccinate minimally or not at all. I’d rather do the “not at all” part because I don’t find vaccines conducive to dog health. I’ve seen enough side effects for a lifetime in both dogs and humans. Yet, often we are forced due to laws put in place that were supposed to protect us.

First was my three-month-old daughter. The picture of health, it was a joy to witness her self-discovery. Touching and tasting fingers and toes while sweet baby music filled the house as she practiced sounds that would become speech. Easily entertained, she was constantly smiling. Life was wonderful.

Until the day of her first vaccination. Within an hour of her DPT combo shot she had changed. My active happy baby was just laying it her crib doing nothing. Barely moving like a newborn. The sparkle in the eyes gone. Movement gone. Sounds gone. I imagined a lobotomy.

My panic and fear were gut wrenching and I rushed her back to the pediatrician who assured me she was fine, that it was not a vaccine side effect because she’d never read of this type of reaction.

"But look at my child!" I wailed. "Its like the lights are on, but nobody's home."

"She looks healthy. Her vital signs are okay. I see absolutely nothing to be worried about," she insisted.

The doctor almost had me convinced there was no vaccine side effect and I was crazy but as my child developed, there were learning problems. I also wondered if the irrational mood swings had to do with the shot.

As she grew, I could still tell there was something wrong but I couldn't put a finger on it and couldn’t find anyone to help. The neurologist suggested drugs  (no thank you). There were special classes in school that embarrassed her. There was tutoring and there were more doctors. Homeopathy helped.

This is something that has changed my life forever. I started questioning the medical community and began seeking more natural ways to avoid illness. Mainly nutrition with organic whole foods and cutting back on sugary and non-nutritious foods. I gave all three of my children a natural whole food supplement, and lo and behold, my kids only saw the pediatrician for yearly checkups. The doctor (a different one) didn't understand nutrition and insisted we were just 'lucky'.

Several years later a two year old pit bull came to our home. Before animal control would release him, they insisted on giving him a rabies vaccine. At the time of the injection, a lump formed on his thigh that refused to go away.

By then, I had seen the light with my other dogs. But I had been a tough nut to crack. It took the near death experience of my dog Helen, for me to see the light. Between the lack of dog food nutrition and using a topical flea control she was in really bad shape. It was then that I mentally added up ALL the toxins our dogs are exposed to, including possible vaccine side effects and began reading up on the subjects.

The truth is, for dog health, my canine kids needed nutrition too and they weren't going to get it in the processed dog food they had been eating. I learned the dog food manufacturers are not being truthful because there is nothing natural about a food that has been made from human garbage, then cooked and recooked with a few man-made vitamins and some fake flavor thrown in.

I made the switch to raw and stopped vaccinations. And that dog with the lump on his thigh? It seemed that the raw diet kept the tumor in check for some years. I am grateful for that.

Bonz has graced the home page with me for awhile now. As the year 2013 comes to a close it's been a few months since my best friend's cancer took him away from me. It's called a vaccine injection site sarcoma and you'll see it as a vaccine side effect on the the following list from noted veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ronald Schultz.

As for my daughter, a few years ago I was reading about vaccine side effects in The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, DVM, and I began to cry.  I wasn't crazy after all. Here is a small excerpt from his book on page 73:

"The Pertussis vaccine may be worse than ineffective, however. Researchers have shown that it produces encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, in animal testing. In humans, encephalitis has been linked to seizures, retardation and learning disabilities from dyslexia to autism. The first cases of autism in the U.S. appeared in the 1940s as the vaccine became available. Both here and in Europe, the rise in incidences of autism neatly matched the widening use of the pertussis vaccine."

So now I understand what happened to my child, and I feel gratitude that it wasn't worse. My remaining question is why don't the drug companies who make these concoctions, give doctors, veterinarians and the consumers, the real list of vaccine side effects? Maybe we'd decide its not worth the risk.

As for my dog, while both the vet and I know my dog’s terminal cancer was the side effect of that rabies shot, I didn’t know how to prove it, nor can I prove switching him to a raw diet helped. Still, I know nutrition is the key to health and drugs are not.

I agree with the quotes in the right hand column and as Hippocrates said over 2,000 years ago "Our food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food."

Best Friend who died of vaccine side effects

Bonz's ashes are all I have left and they’re a constant reminder of what vaccines can do. In honor of that sweet, tough, gentle soul I’ve written a short book about his life for sale on Amazon at The Throw Away Dog. (You can also get a free PDF copy at Three Little Pitties Facebook page by clicking on the picture of  The Throw Away Dog when you go there). And I try whenever and wherever I can to let people know about the dangers of vaccines.

For the sceptics, I'd like to share a link to an excellent article where proof of the the worst vaccine side effects were proven. It's at Dogs Naturally Magazine and called 3 Puppy Vaccine Mistakes.

Stay safe and pass up those yearly human flu shots.

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