Vaccine Side Effects for Small Dogs

Could vaccine side effects be worse for small dogs? In a candid conversation with another dog health coach, we have a few thoughts to share.

Of course I'm talking about Sandra King from Dog Nutrition Naturally. Those of you who have been listening to our Dog Talk Tuesdays for awhile are rather familiar with her. This time I'm springing the conversation on Sandra after we begin recording because it's not a topic we discuss  publicly and I knew she'd refuse unless I put her on the spot.

Why? It's a topic that must be carefully worded so it's easier to simply not broach the subject.

Yet, my conscience tells me otherwise. Vaccination, or more often over vaccination does have some consequences and most often folks do not connect to the source. So, we will share just a tiny bit of our own experience in hopes that you will think about it and hopefully do a bit of research on your own.

Here we go.

Vaccine Side Effects

I truly hope you found the video useful. I left out about 95% of what I believe to be true after both personal experiences, health coach experiences and researching - so to me I didn't walk away from it feeling like I gave you much.

Still it will have been a success if you continue to research it on your own or choose to take my course. I do admit my course is excellent and does cover the subject in ways you will not find anywhere else but the most important thing is that you learn more about vaccines.

As Dr. Pitcairn shares in his best selling book I read a decade ago (and it's still #1 at Amazon)...

"80% of all illnesses our pets are taken to the vet for are a direct result from vaccines."

So why are people still vaccinating and re-vaccinating?  Is it  just not something any of us really think about unless something terrible happens?

That's what happened to me. I made a promise to someone I loved very much. The topic has had a profound affect on my life. I researched until I was blue in the face (an appropriate saying for me) and after years I came to some rather shocking conclusions. Things that I had to dig for long and hard.

IF you are:

  • tired of wondering
  • would like to know the depth of my study and  what I found
  • would like to know what experts in the field have to say
  • what experiences and studies over the past hundred years have reported on vaccines

To see if my course is open this week, go to Vaccines, the Good, Bad & the Ugly

* * *

Remember all dog health problems are compounded by over vaccinating and that small dogs are especially susceptible since the get the very same dose as a dog who weighs ten times what they do. There is a lot of good information in the internet. Don't want my class? Then google vaccine efficacy, side effects, schedules, history, death rates, and read at least 5 websites on each topic ranging from allopathic medical websites to homeopathic and holistic health websites and while your researching, be sure to notice whether the particular website sells vaccines because that might make them a bit biased. And while you're at it, do the same thing for each individual vaccine your dog has gotten or may get in the future.

Good for you. That will be a good start.

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