Veterinarian Questions

I've got some veterinarian questions for you so you know whether you've got a good one or it's time to move on. Even if you love your vet personally, is he or she doing right by your dog?

Let's talk.

Your veterinarian is your educated partner.

Read that word again. Partner. It's a joint decision making process. And you actually have the right to question and even to disagree.

Remember there are no stupid questions, so ask.

Are you informed about medication and vaccine side effects? I sure wish I'd known the real answers to those questions instead of going on blind faith.

It's your job to stand up for your dog. His health is at stake, maybe even his life.

There are some wonderful veterinarians out there ...and there are some that aren't very good. How can you tell the difference?

How well does your vet explain things? Does he give you alternatives or just tell you what he's going to do to your dog?

We tend to put vets on a pedestal assuming they know everything. After all, they spent eight years in school, four of those in a college of veterinary medicine.The truth is no education is finished in school. There is always more to learn either by both continuing education and experience.

Many think they are doing a good job giving yearly vaccinations and handing out prescription medications. After all, isn't that what they were taught in school?

Then there are animal doctors who are a cut above. Those who question. Those who connect the dots and notice many treatments only take away symptoms for awhile but don't cure a dog.

And that treatments have side effects as well.

Determined to provide real assistance in healing dogs, they searched for new options. Therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, homo-toxicology, acupuncture, chiropractic, and energy medicine.

More and more veterinarians are choosing IVM - Integrative Veterinary Medicine. This combines several healing modalities to cure dog disease and create dog health. Isn't that what we wanted all along?

And, unfortunately, there are vets who charge more saying they are holistic but really aren't. Bummer. How do you know?

If they sell topical flea meds, heartworm meds or prescribe drugs for anything other than a last resort.

Maybe it's time to put your dog doctor to the test.

A Few Veterinarian Questions for You

Here's some veterinarian questions for you to think about:

  • Do you discuss your canine health concerns?
  • Are you told what vaccinations are required by law? (A must)
  • Are you given a choice of which vaccinations your dog will have and when? (Your veterinarian is your guide, not your boss and there are vaccine side effects to consider.)
  • Is your dog vaccinated for several diseases at the same time? (This is the least desirable)
  • Does your vet ever give a dog vaccination in the back room and tell you later? (This is a giant no-no and shows he has no respect for you or your dogs health, especially if you brought your pup in for an ailment.)
  • Has your veterinarian ever vaccinated your dog during surgery or when he was ill? (Red flag! Never vaccinate during a weakened condition. It's dangerous.)
  • If your dog has a health issue, are options discussed with you? (Remember your vet is your teammate not your dictator. You should have the option to research the choices.)
  • Has your dog ever been on a raw food diet? Does your vet scoff at feeding dogs raw dog food? (Even if you choose not to feed raw, there are many benefits an educated physician should see.)
  • Has using any food other than dog kibble or canned food been discussed with you? (An indication your dog's physician never took courses in nutrition.)

If the above questions make you uncomfortable, you have no say about your dog's medical treatment. It's time for you to do a little soul searching.

Realize how much your dog's health and well being are under your control.

Remember it's up to you to ask your veterinarian questions because your dog can't speak for himself.


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