Wallyse (Wally) the Loveable Basset

by Scott
(Mountain Home AFB, ID, USA)

My Basset Wally was recently treated for lymphoma in February and we all thought that he was getting better. Even the vet we took him to had said he seems to be responding well to his treatments and that the lab work and x-rays look great.

Unfortunately, Wally started showing symptoms again from pre-diagnosis. (Loss of appetite, not wanting to drink, the labored breathing, and laying down curled up in a ball).

The vet said that we could try a stronger dose of chemo for him, but I can't let him go through this again. It was a huge let down for me as I had been given hope that he was fine.

I remember Wally when I brought him home at six months old. (He is just shy of eight years by two months as I write this)

He was a loveable and full of energy pup for a Basset Hound and he would always get such lovely compliments. I learned quickly that sandwiches or anything within reach at the top of the counter was fair game! :)

I would get upset with him, but once he looked at me with those lovely, brown eyes and a wag of the tail, I couldn't stay mad long.

He was a good buddy and brought me many (although I feel robbed of time with him) years of happiness. I truly hope that when its his time to go on Wednesday, that he looks at me one last time with the same love that he did when we first met.

Thank you so much for having this website and allowing us who are in the process of or are still grieving a place to come together and bond. God Bless You.

Scott Chamberlain
Mountain Home AFB, ID

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Sep 28, 2012
Healing from Grief
by: Andrea from Three Little Pitties


Somehow I missed your response to mine on August 19th until today (Sept 28th). I hope you are well on your way to healing from your loss of Wally.

Maybe there was a reason I didn't get the message. Why? Because now you have just helped me.

My eyes well up as I type this. My son's Kurby passed away from his cancer a week ago today. The end was difficult. I've cried for days. I didn't even want to look at this website because there are pictures of Kurby everywhere.

It felt like I just couldn't take it again. I couldn't handle the loss of a loved one again and to see my son going through this grief is as much as I as a mother can bare on top of my own grief.

And then I read your comment.

Thank you for it, and for helping me remember. Time does heal... and it will.


Jul 19, 2012
Re: Wallyse (Wally) the Loveable Basset
by: Scott Chamberlain

Thank you so much for your endearing and loving comments concerning Wally. Although it has been close to three days without my "furkid", my heart still longs for his happy face greeting me in the morning when I wake and before I fall asleep at night.

I know the saying goes "time heals all wounds", and in a sense, the saying is right. It is getting better with each passing day, although I hope it's just not my mind forcing Wallyse out of it. I know that could ever be the case, but it's the little, special and loveable things that I'm trying to remember about him, rather than his last hours of suffering.

My mom said that my father and grandfather have two good dogs keeping them company in heaven, and I know Wallyse is one of them. (the other was my parent's poodle, Anthony).

Even though the house is empty, and no "pitter-patter" of claws on the floor, I know in my heart that he is cancer-free, and can breathe better than he ever could, even when he was at his healthiest. This page has been a God-send and I know that Wally is in good hands until we see each other again. *hugs* Scott

Jul 19, 2012
There's No Cancer at Rainbow Bridge
by: Andrea from Three Little Pitties

Scott, I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and Wally. You've done your best and letting go is so hard, my heart reaches out to you.

And I understand the ups and downs of dealing with cancer as well. I don't know whether it's a curse of a blessing to know time with our dog is running out.

I was at the vets with my son and his dog Kurby just today.

While Kurby continues to act happy and energetic, his cancer is spreading. This dog was born in my lap almost ten years ago and while it's going to be much harder on my son to lose his best friend, it pains me deeply. (When the two of them moved away from home five years ago, I missed them both so much I even called the dog on the phone.)

And I will want to heal my son's grief, as I would like to heal yours but I cannot.

I look forward to the day you will think of Wally doing his Wally things (like snitching a sandwich off the counter) and smile with your heart full of far more love than grief.

I hope the Rainbow Bridge poem will make you able to smile.

God Bless you too, and thank you.


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