What is Renal Failure and How the Heck Does it Happen? 

What is renal failure? It's severe kidney disease in dogs. The diagnosis may come as a shock since tests don't show the problem until the kidneys are working at only 33%

Dog Kidney Disease. Are the cards stacked against your canine?

Complete renal failure causes death. This seems like a no-brainer but I've been contacted by dog owners who don't understand or even make the connection that renal means kidney.

To top it off, they ask me what drugs will fix their dog. (This is usually where I scream into a pillow so I don't scare my own canine half to death.)

Seems to me previous drugs could be part of the problem.

What is Renal Failure Exactly?

It's easiest to see once you know what working kidneys do. Kidneys filter all the blood - as much as 400 times a day to remove waste and toxins out through the urine.

They also:

  • Help control blood pressure
  • Control the body's chemical balance
  • Help keep bones healthy
  • Help make red blood cells

If they can't do their job, the body simply becomes too toxic to live.

* * *

Once the kidneys have been stressed or diseased for awhile, they speed up their processing and that's when you notice a problem because your dog is drinking and peeing more than usual.

What we don't know (well, I sure didn't) is that by speeding up the process, there's a large loss of more than water. Needed vitamins and minerals are passed through the body before they can be absorbed because the body is trying to save itself.

In fact, the loss of muscle mass, especially in the hind legs of a dog is the  warning signal. 

Kidney Disease in Dogs and
Why the Big Surprise?

The kidneys work their little bean shaped selves so hard that they can be 66% deteriorated before there are signs of impending dog renal failure.

Often that doesn't give us enough time to reverse the damage because once they have deteriorated 80-85%, death will occur. What can we do if we want to keep our dog with us as long as possible (without suffering of course)or possibly reversing the damage?

  • Lower the intake of toxins as much as possible
  • Feed foods more apt to be broken down by the body in it's weakened condition
  • Give supplements to support and improve kidney function

What is Renal Failure - Is it Toxic Overload?

Sadly, dog renal failure has become far too common, even in younger dogs. How could toxicity not be the burden?  Here's a list of contributors:

  •  commercial dog food and especially KIBBLE are nutritionally deficient, full of chemicals, preservatives and dyes.
  • The lack of moisture in dry dog food leaves the body clinically dehydrated for 90 minutes after each meal leading to crystals,  stones and more kidney damage.

If your dog is suffering from kidney disease, find a good homeopathic veterinarian or holistic one.

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