What is Renal Failure and Dog Kidney Disease?

What is renal failure? It's kidney disease in dogs. Here's why the diagnosis may come as a shock, along with tips to ease the organ’s job and the best supplements to strengthen those kidneys.

Dog Kidney Disease. Are the cards stacked against your canine?

Complete renal failure causes death. This seems like a no-brainer but I've been contacted by dog owners who don't understand or even make the connection that renal means kidney. To top it off, they ask me what drugs will fix their dog. (This is usually where I scream into a pillow so I don't scare my own canine half to death.)

You'll understand my need to pillow scream once we get down to the what-to-do part so hang in there with me.

I don't know how much or how little kidney function is left for a dog to be diagnosed with renal failure by the veterinarian - but I do know the more we understand the longer our dogs will live.

I'll start with a bit about their function and then we'll move on to dealing with kidney disease in dogs including what to avoid and then what to add.

What is Renal Failure Exactly?

To understand what is renal failure, we need to know what the kidneys do so we can understand what they are no longer doing. Basic processes are:

  • Make urine
  • Remove wastes and extra fluid from your blood
  • Control the body's chemical balance
  • Help control blood pressure
  • Help keep bones healthy
  • Help make red blood cells

Removing waste is far more important than you might think at first glance and to give you an idea of how hard they work I'll give you a human example. A human's kidneys filter 120 to 150 quarts every single day. And without it, those unfiltered wastes poison the body.

If there are chemical wastes  in his tissue and floating around in his blood including ammonia and nitrogen acids, it’s called uremia and is measured through a blood test where a BUN score is given and that tells your vet how severe the problem is.

Once the kidneys have been stressed or diseased for awhile, they speed up their processing and that's when you notice a problem because your dog is drinking and peeing more than usual.

What we don't know (well, I sure didn't) is that by speeding up the process, there's a large loss of more than water. Needed vitamins and minerals are passed through the body before they can be absorbed because the body is trying to save itself.

In fact, the loss of muscle mass, especially in the hind legs is the  warning signal I didn't know about. I was clueless. The body has its own intelligence. It will take from one part to give to another to keep living. Let's face it, muscle just isn't as important as filtering out deadly toxins. Does this make sense to you too?

Kidney Disease in Dogs and Why the Big Surprise?

The kidneys work their little bean shaped selves so hard that they can be 66% deteriorated before there are signs we see of impending dog renal failure.

Often that doesn't give us enough time to reverse the damage because once they have deteriorated 80-85%, death will occur. What can we do if we want to keep our dog with us as long as possible (without suffering of course)or possibly reversing the damage?

  • Lower the intake of toxins as much as possible
  • Feed foods more apt to be broken down by the body in it's weakened condition
  • Give supplements to support and improve kidney function

What is Renal Failure - Is it Toxic Overload?

I've got to talk about toxins because dog renal failure has become commonplace. Remember the kidneys are a filter and since kidney disease in dogs is no longer an illness of the old canine, what has changed to make young 5, 6 and 7-year-old dog kidneys overworked to the point of impending doom?

Vaccines, the insecticides we feed them via mouth and skin, drugs including the overuse of antibiotics , dog foods full of chemicals, preservatives and dyes.

  • Giving oral poison for flea, worm and heartworm prevention ruins health and the same results can be gained through herbs (see Dog Dewormer). The same for the topical flea treatments.
  • Most commercial dog food provides little nutrition and is full of chemicals, preservatives and dyes. And dry dog food puts a terrible strain on the kidneys due to it's lack of moisture.

If you understand what I'm saying and know you have blindly followed the crowd, do NOT berate yourself. We live and learn and now is the time to stop the crap and enjoy what time we have left with our dogs.

An Herbal Kidney Remedy

My favorite supplement for the kidneys is called KB-C by Nature's Sunshine. My dog Bonz took it when he was 12 and it did wonders. I remember how scared I was when he started peeing what seemed like bucket loads and then he vomited as well.

At first I felt like an idiot that I hadn't known beforehand what was going on but I had missed the signs while I was busy writing for this website. (See, none of us is perfect.) Then I decided someone was looking out for us because I had KB-C on hand.

If your dog needs kidney support, you can purchase KB-C but feel free to contact me first because there are a few other things that may help as well depending on your particular dog's overall condition and age.

Also if you need other things such as a natural heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention program you can get them at the same time and get a discount.

I'm must be big on discounts because the words 'full price' make me shudder (-:

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