What is Stress and Do Dogs Get it Too?

What is stress and how is it related to dog health? Let's look at the first component today since it's Dog Talk Tuesday and I've done a video for you on the topic.

The funny thing is that this video didn't come easily. It was done six times over the course of two weeks. After all, I have a lot on my plate just like you and every time Sandra and I hunkered down to do it, something went wrong. It didn't record right. There were freezes and fuzzies; the sound got messed up. In other words, everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I got stressed.

Really stressed.

So here it is and there's a challenge in it for you if you are one of my subscribers receiving it via email. Are you up to it?

After watching the video I hope you realize you are not the only one who gets stressed out. Besides our dogs are even more sensitive to stressors that we are.

What is stress for our dogs aside what I talked about in the video?

While I said there is physical, emotional and mental stress, they are all tied together and different things promote stress. In the video today I did talk mostly about the lack of movement causing stress.

So what did you think? If you have ever exercised on a regular basis, you KNOW how much of a stress reliever it is. Plus it makes you stronger and often releases endorphins (the feel good hormones). And talk about sleep. We sleep better afterwards as well don't we?

Ahh, yes.

What is Stress Caused by Emotions?

Let us not forget about emotional stress.  Wee ALL have that. To think our dogs don't feel it because they can't talk about it is a joke. They are in fact more sensitive because of it 

In fact, my dogs have always been a mirror to my emotions. When I'm happy, they are happy and when I'm stressed... look out. It's much easier to see now than it was years ago.

Back when I had 5 big dogs and I came home from work stressed (I was working 6 or 7 days a week at the time) here are some of the things that happened. Surely you can guess which were caused by physical stress from lack of exercise and which was trying to get me in a better frame of mind.

  • Someone got into the trash
  • Someone vomited
  • Someone didn't come when called
  • There were arguments over toys
  • someone couldn't sleep
  • someone wouldn't leave me alone (nuzzling, sniffing, leaning and getting in my lap with weight that doubled mine) and I had no idea at the time they were trying to help me deal with my stress so they could relax as well

And if any humans got into a heated argument? Dogs always, always always stood between us. They'd lean on one of us or cry or even bark to get us to come to our senses.

Truth is, I wish I could have been as smart as my dogs back then. Belatedly, they taught me a lot and I can never thank them enough for their love and support. And yes, even their mirroring my emotions or getting in the trash or not being able to settle down.

Every one of my dogs were a true gift even when I couldn't see it.

What About Physical Stress?

Physical stress is a  huge problem with most dogs today, more than any other time in history.  This one will have to be done separately. To see if it's been done yet, click on the link to Dog Talk Tuesday to look for it.


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