Why NSP?
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Before you buy anything, I want to explain why NSP - and how to get a discount. NSP was the very first company to encapsulate herbs so they have been leading the field for decades.

Three Little Pitties owner for why NSPA favorite snapshot of Bonz and I after a long walk on a 90 degree day. He was 13 and I . . .wasn't. He'd also had cancer for some years before this and I have no doubt the NSP herbs I gave him lengthened his life.

 Here are some important highlights on why NSP for me:

  • Natures Sunshine hand picks their suppliers for each component and visits their facilities regularly. They also test everything before they bottle it. They want to be sure there are no residual toxins like pesticides. They want to be sure each batch is the same purity and potency so we get the results we're expecting.

  • 85% of all the companies who sell encapsulated herbs and supplements use third party suppliers so they have no control over the quality, purity or potency of each batch bottled and sent off for retail.

  • Once you have joined as a member (free when you have made a minimum purchase of $40), you can access their educational portal. I love the free webinars and always pick up new knowledge or get tips on the use of specific products.

  • When they have an  "Education Week" you can earn free products for attending. It's like getting paid to learn.

* * *

Oh silly me. I'll just let Nature's Sunshine show you!

As a dog health coach, why do I promote using Nature's Sunshine products in addition to the above?

Why would I buy any supplement for my dog that says on the label "Not for human consumption"?   I don't know about you, but that's a red flag for me.

By the way, here's a simple example of the difference between products. Note I'm only rating potency. No purity or possible toxins are taken into consideration on this one:

Long ago, my ex-mother-in-law bought a supplement at a store. (She thought NSP was too expensive.) Thrilled at the great deal she got, she handed me the bottle and asked me how many pills per day she should take.

I had no idea of the quality of those supplements but by going by the potency on the label, she was surprised when I said it would take 25 pills a day for what what I had in 1.

Why NSP? To get your money's worth!

More on why NSP?


I love getting discounts on Nature's Sunshine Products and I want you to get them too.

Silly pit bull grin

How do you get a discount?

On your first purchase at the discounted price of $40 or more, simply become a member for free before you click on the pay button and save at least 30%.

And any single purchase of $100 or more you get an additional 10% off.

And members are notified of sales, specials and new products. I keep a running list of the products I want; watch for sales and make a purchase once a month to get the biggest savings.

And don't forget those free educational webinars! They get better all the time.

Once you purchase through either Sandra or I, you are eligible to join our Facebook Page where you can ask questions and learn tips and how to use specific products. It's called the Sunshine Gals.

In this candid talk about why NSP with Sandra King (dog-nutrition-naturally)  I had just come off of a 12 hour shift from another job (yes, I'm always busy). The funny thing was it took both of us some years of using Natures Sunshine products before we realized just how good they are and how they help us and our dogs.

Why NSP For Dogs?

Does NSP have a special line for dogs? Nope. They don't need to.

Our dog's bodies have many of the same needs as ours, so I've hand picked several of the herb combinations along with their patented Silver Shield products and probiotic products.

And then I learned the right dose for dogs, depending on their size.

I am happy to share the doses for any of the products you see on this website when you order through me.

The best product to begin with that you can share with the dog?

 Silver Shield. This patented product is similar to colloidal silver but the nano particles suspended in water do their job, yet the particles are so minuscule they pass through the body. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, consider this immune system support as well. It comes in many sizes but my favorite is the new super saver 32 oz. bottle. It literally has dozens of uses.

And if you want the answer for a non-toxic way to kill or prevent parasites (including heartworm) there is a recipe for each. Take a peek at Dog Dewormer.

Please purchase your products at the Natures Sunshine

And if you prefer to call, have the names and numbers of the products ready. The phone number for United States orders is 1-800-223-8225. You will also need a sponsor number and since I'd love to be able to help you, my sponsor number is 


and my full name is Andrea Partee.

If you are Canadian, you can order through Sandra King's NSP website.  Silver Shield in Canada is called Silver Guard.

To your dog's health and yours too!

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