Why Do Dogs Eat Grass ?

Why do dogs eat grass? It seems to upset dog owners to no end but I see it as a clue. One we should pay attention to.

And dogs don't always vomit after eating grass. Either way, it serves a purpose so let's talk about the 3 reasons it happens.

Why do dogs eat grass and when can you substitute parsley.

Indigestion & The Need for Fiber

I saw grass eating far more often when my dogs ate kibble. It has little fiber. Dogs can't really digest the fiber in grass but it could help feed to good bacteria in the gut since that's what pre-biotics are. Food for the good bacteria needed in the gut for everything from digestion to enhancing the immune system.

Indigestion & The Need for Bacteria

Grass also contains some bacteria so even if your dog throws up after eating it, he could still benefit from the bacteria. Again to balance something off in the gut. In this case the bacteria is likely in the probiotic category.

Could It Be For The Chlorophyll ?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in all plants. It is very similar in chemical structure to human hemoglobin. 

Chlorophyll helps purify the body by cleansing toxins from the bloodstream. It's also a natural cure for bad breath since most chronic bad breath is caused by digestive problem.

 A study conducted by researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) has found that chlorophyll works effectively to block bodily absorption of aflatoxin, a fungal contaminant found in many grains and legumes.

I mention this study because the majority of dogs are still eating kibble and this fungal contaminant is often found in processed dog food.

Legumes include beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans and of course peanuts/peanut butter,

This could be another good answer to the why do dogs eat grass question.

When My Dog Eats Grass. . .

I make a note of it.  Since the grass in my yard is never treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers I don't have to worry about it hurting her.

And one of my biggest happy surprises is since she's been on my NAE System, it's rare she finds the need to eat grass. Literally a bite or two every few months at most so I feel I've got all those things I can't see in good balance.

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If your dog eats grass ...

Relax and remember untreated grass won't hurt your dog. He eats it for a reason.

Please do not let your dog eat grass that has been fertilized or chemically treated. Even walking on a treated lawn in bare feet absorbs those chemicals. (That last bit of advice is for you too since dogs tend to be barefoot all the time don't they?)

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass to Nutrition

Important Notice

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